ADA breathing before going higher

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7 Days has passed since my call on CARDANO, you can check it here and I have to say it has been one of my best trades ever, it has overpassed my target by far but, look, the most important when trading is to have an exit plan, for either, taking profits or stop loss.
Anyway, now I think is time for BITCOIN for recovering some of the dominance left this past few days in favor of the altcoins, an so we can see how the crypto king is really knocking almost the 20000 USD level which is tremendous!!!

For CARDANO, I think it has entered in the correspondent correction, inevitable but not a major one.
In the 4h chart you can see my master plan with ADA:


I tried to diferenciate major and intermediate EW count, so, in my opinion, ADA has ended the 3rd wave within the violet 5-waves count and now is correcting to 4 in violet.

Maybe the 1 Hour chart give us a better vision:


I think a good ground should be the one marked by the 0.618 FIBO retracement of the whole Violet 3rd wave, which is placed around 0.15 USDT so, my entry will be there.

Again, as I said in the past, it is interesting to see how the Open Interest has anticipated the correction on ADA, as you can see below, despite the higher prices, the open interest presented a declining trend meaning that longs were closing.



I'm sharing only my quick trading Ideas here, not financial advice at all ;-)


*Disclaimer: This is just my personal point of view, please, do your own assessment and act consequently. Neither this post nor myself is responsible of any of your profit/losses obtained as a result of this information.



ADA is starting a new uptrend!

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Not really, but almost ;-)

Yo estos dias me he dedicado exclusivamente al grafico de BTC, pero como tengo ADA haciendo stake si ke he seguido su evolucion estos dias en el portafolio... Y daba gusto la forma en que daba los buenos dias😊

ADA y XRP me han dado los mejore frutos estos dias

XRP??? NOooooOoOo!! XD

lo se, es una mierda que compre hace mas de 3 anyos que aun tenia remanente, esperando el dia de hoy para deshacerme de semejante detrito bancario

Mas quisieran, mo lo quieren ni los bancos 😂

Echa un vistazo a NSURE ;})


All these magic words, and your sane facts - why can not that be a financial advice? 😂 I had a small bag I purchased in May. I waited all these months and sold when the price reached 0.14 without the understanding and knowledge of the technical details. Shows, why you need these indicators to predict. I would have made more money.

sorry, you say May? that's 200% profit!!! but what did you expect? 😁

Let me check. My bad. No, it was on July 27. I bought them when they were 0.1311.

That was a good call!

Yesterday was fun to watch

Cardano was up 71% for past 7 days yesterday

Indeed a good one, thanks!