DGB creator stops his work on the project

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago 

DGB is a very old crypto which was "walking dead| for some time then got 2nd life when loads of news came. I remember it was pumped to crazy prices for long time and got big community at some point.


They also got amazing exchanges and exposure.

DGB Top10 Markets

Out of those spots i trade daily are COinex, KuCoin, OKEx and Bittrex

Now their creator said hes mad on crypto community.

To be clear he said he is quitting doing DGB but he will do commercial applications on it so he has still love for crypto. Hes just mad people made money on DGB and went for other coins like ZEC, EXCL, ETH etc.


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Good thing I did not buy more recently.

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You're welcome @kingscrown🙂👍

So money we use in buying d shit coin is now wasted

looks so unless someone takes it

Thanks for information. We must be careful and think that some projects may die

so true

DGB is still sitting at place 35 on coinmarketcap which is still pretty good, IMO.

sure but worth to know CEO is out

I think he's saying the truth most people buy cryptocurrencies because of profits, not because they want to use the technology behind them.

you are right

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