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Hey Cryptofriends!!! Let's take a look at one of the latest interesting crypto~projects: @challengedac

The ChallengeDAC develops augmented reality games that promote positive behavior through the use of token economics. New advancements in Blockchain, made possible by EOS, gives them an opportunity to create a context wherein people can turn daily activities into a game where they can receive real rewards! Their first DAPP will focus on rewarding people for going to the gym by providing a medium where players can risk and win tokens based on their ability to fulfill the challenges they make involving the time and frequency of their gym attendance.

Challenge DAPP is a decentralized fitness reward and game platform. The DAPP draws upon token economics and smart contract technology to allow players to create fun interact challenges with friends, family and sponsors. Its purpose will be to motivate and reward players to work-out and stay fit.

ChallengeDAC (CHL) is a cryptocurrency token issued on the EOS platform.


What is a Challenge?

The challenge is a user-friendly blockchain App that allows users to create and fulfill geo-specific time-sensitive tasks for real blockchain rewards.

A challenge is a selected place and time a player has to be in order to unlock the challenge and receive their blockchain rewards.

The Challenge application uses geolocation on user’s smartphones to verify the requirements and reward winners.

Challenge is free to download and first-time users will receive CHL tokens just for downloading.

Download the app on your smartphone and start making challenges! 😉🏃‍♂️🏁


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I vote @jenina619 as the best looking steemian!!

Well second best because I’m beautiful hahaha :p

Lol🤣 thank you!

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A good idea to incentivize fitness rewards with challenges.
And also good that they are trying to form a partnership with actifit.
No need to re-invent the wheel, just to improve it as history has shown many times.

Hii no partnership with Actifit, projects are built on different blockchains😁

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Oh! I read in the comments that they have approached activit.
Not to worry.

It was @ackza who was explaining why @challengedac is way more than Actifit😁 In #challengedac you can also create Challenges!😉

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Okay thank you, I understand my friend!

It's interesting the proposal, I'm going to check the whole thing very well.

Cool😁 glad you found it interesting!😊

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Awright, I'll try this one. Looks neat!

Awesome!🙌 glad you found it interesting

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

It looks like a cool app with fun features! I’m so invested in #Actifit that I probably won’t check this one out, but I know you review and share info on various crypto opportunities, so I will keep an eye out for the next one! 😁


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upvoted and resteemed thank you! and Hered 1011 CHLP!

Thank you very much!🙏 Very cool project🍀

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This is more than actifit this is for creating challenges, actifit just tracks your walking but we are giving out CHLp to actifit users and im trying to actively involve Actifit and CHl together so we cooperate as we dont need to be mutually exclusive, aka, We can get damn tokez in ur hand yEEHAW heres 100 CHL!

come to the telegram!

Congratulations @jenina619! This post was selected by the Power House Creatives as today's Rally Upvote Post :)

You can find the community announcement on Discord :) and it has also been shared on our FB Page and Twitter feed.


Thank you!!!🎉💚💚💚

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Going to check this out!

Great!!!🎉 if you have some question about the dapp I think @ackza is a wonderful Steemian to guide😉

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You should start saying "Hey my crypto kitties"


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Interesting, thanks for the introduction!

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Thank you Lizelle!😊

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I can remember when there was none of this, in fact all there was was a telephone that you had to dial up; we seem to have come a long way since then

Eheh you're right😉 and therefore we are still early adopters, more stuff is coming!😃

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Love the photo of you. Challenge sounds neat @jenina.

Thank you!😊 nice you liked the project

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Very interesting concept @jenina619, I'll need to read up on it a bit more. 👍

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Thank you very much for checking my post😁 Welcome!🙏😊

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Nice one ahahahah, aka jenina, good to see you here...and there.
Good review, thank you, let me check it out. I am incentivized by reward systems. Will work for food...and crypto lol.

Lol😃🤣 it is great to know you will check this one!😊🙌

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It's great how you highlight the movers and shakers of all things crypto and you also promote the new apps as well!

Hiii😀 I'm happy you like my crypto posts ahah😉🙌🎉

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What a great idea @jenina619! Rewarding people to stay fit, love it :)

Hiii👋 thank you for checking my post😊😊💚

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Hi! Welcome! I could not find your blog thru your discord name. I think there is some way to make them match to make it easier for PHC members to find you.
Nice work!

Hii well I stopped using this name with numbers lol and using jeninacrypto in all networks, unfortunately Steemit doesn't let us change the original name of the account, thank you for checking my post!💚

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Hi @jenina619,

Thank you very much for the information about this Dapp.

Hii thanks to you for checking it and leaving a nice comment here, welcome!!🤗🎉

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Interesting dapp. Might check out more info about it 😉👍

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Glad you found it cool😉😉

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