Tribute to Pi Network On Pi Day

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Dear Steemians,

Today is Pi Day.

On this day, the Pi Network is holding a Pi Day Raffle whereby all new members who join as miners will have a chance to win 3,141.59 Pi.

Having been a miner on the Pi Network for the last 7 months, I must say that I am impressed by the methodical way the core team from Standford University developed the network.

The Pi Network currently has more than 3.5 million miners and has progressed to Phase 2, during which apps for goods and services to be purchase with Pi are developed.

The below principles which the core team adopted are worthy of emulation by other crypto projects.

  • Strive to allow the maximum number of people to derive the maximum benefits by offering equitable rewards to both inviter and invitee.

  • Strict adherence to deadline in executing plans for the Pi Network.

  • Provision of timely updates with regard to the direction of the project.

Kudos to the core team!

Click here to mine on the Pi Network now!

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