Tipestry - Dogecoin Tipped For Good Share

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Hello friends, have you ever tried getting free dogecoin from dogecoin faucet? If yes, you will understand the hustle behind getting free dogecoin that won't be worth anything meaningful even after days of accumulating.

In addition to the above, there are so many scam faucets that will waste your time and resources. Some make you view ridiculous large amount of advertisement.

Today, I want to introduce you guys to a very cool websites that rewards its users with dogecoin handsomely, by just engaging in a very easy tasks.


Tipestry is a growing platform that rewards its users for sharing links to cool contents such as videos, photography, memes, articles, events and news. All you have to do is input the link on the "Enter link" column on the website.

Tipestry also organizes weekly contest such as post of the week, where winners are rewarded with 10,000 dogecoin. Winners of the contest is measured by popularity and creativity of the winners posted links.

One of the main reason why I love this platform is that, it rewards users whose post didn't get popular with atleast 21 Dogecoin. This infact is to encourage users for their efforts.

There's no need to waste any more time, visit https://tipestry.com to and start earning dogecoin.


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