Steem is about to enter the top 50 again for the first time in ages!

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I just woke up to find Steem climbing the charts. A giant spike that seems to just keep going higher, less than 24 hours after the @hiveio announcement. While BTC and most other cryptos either remain idle or go negative.

Does anybody know what’s going on here?

Users wanting more HIVE from the airdrop? Are more whales looking to aid in the hostile takeover war? Is Justin Sun simply trying to power up more to take over the blockchain before HIVE launches Friday?

Leave your thoughts in the comments. I’m very curious to know on this one.


It happened right near the time Binance announced they will honor the fork for all the Steem holders on their exchange :-) Not sure it would be Justin buying, could be anyone that wants to have coins on both chains. I'm glad I bought a few hours ago before this crazy pump started! !giphy beehive

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

I see. I knew there must have been a headline that I missed while I was sleeping. Thanks!