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RE: The fork of STEEM got C&D Letter

in #cryptocurrency10 months ago

seems kinda silly. They're a mining company, whereas Hive is a blockchain, so... yeah. Different thing.


yeah but... if its an international trademark ... i don't think it matters if its a different thing.
the confusion would still be there, especially since its in the same industry - (my guess)

Yeah I think you're right. They trademarked Hive blockchain for a reason.

they claim that their customers are already asking if they are associated with the steem/hive controversy.... and they want to protect their name from anything that could be perceived negatively.

Maybe that's true - or maybe not - but it is definitely their right to protect themselves.

however... LOL they might be getting MORE publicity BECAUSE of the controversy! You know what they say "No such thing as negative publicity" lol

We can't use name Mc Donald's, even if it's not blockchain.

Shit - that was gonna be my suggestion!