Weekly Review: Crypto blogging social websites

This week I was working less than before and I had less various website to do, and the results were much better than before.

This was the plan, I also altered it a little bit.

  1. Hive and Smoke - I also included Blurt, but I had little time to attend. I mostly posted on Hive daily and had only two posts on Smoke.
  2. Shops: Teechip, Zazzle, ebook - I took a short leave from the shops for a week. It gave me better results in other websites.
  3. Splinterlands (+gaming) - I learned more about Splinterlands and found a few other games I can play.
  4. Twitter (+referrals, +shares) - I shareed some of my work on the Twitter, but also put it aside for a week.
  5. MemoCash (+ Whaleshares, LBRY) - MemoCash was great like always, I used Whaleshares a little and invested more time posting on LBRY. I also used Publish0x and included my LBRY videos in some posts which is visible in results, it worked.
  6. Dbuzz, Appics (testing)- Dbuzz is OK and I like what they are doing there. Appics also showed good results when I started sharing the content that is more interesting to the audience there. I found out that we also can publish longer posts, so I will do that too.
  7. Tokens, airdrop - I found just a few of these things and I am still waiting on results. I am not overly focused on this one.

This is an actual result.

Plan for the next week will be simple.

  1. MemoCash - post as usual, showcase my work from other places.
  2. LBRY - post more content, showcase it on Publish0x, and some blogs I created additionally
  3. Appics - post photography
  4. Hive - post daily as usual and include dbuzz when I can.
  5. Games - play Splinterlands and other games when I can
  6. Do Twitter and tokens when I can, include Whaleshares
  7. Take care of shops
  8. Work on my ebooks

I think this is quite enough for now, because I can not attend to many things at once.