Weekly Review: Crypto blogging social websites

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I don't know if it is me or the earnings becoming skinnier and skinnier. In fact 75% of the earnings comes from blogging and the rest on other sources. Week had a steady pace, nothing much to report. I caught up with all activities scheduled the previous week. But I had too little time for anything else, so I will cut down all activities down to the minimum and do only that.


  1. Hive and Smoke
  2. Shops: Teechip, Zazzle, ebook
  3. Splinterlands (+gaming)
  4. Twitter (+referrals, +shares)
  5. MemoCash (+ Whaleshares, LBRY)
  6. Dbuzz, Appics (testing)
  7. Tokens, airdrop

I completely dropped ghostwriting because it simply doesn't pay off. I will keep Hive and Smoke for blogging, but drop the rest for this week.

I will continue working on shops and ebooks, it is easy and does not take too much time if I am organised well.

I have no idea how much time gaming and Splinterlands will take, but I will do a few of these daily.

Microblogging combinations with the Twitter and MemoCash proved to be useful, so I will keep it. I will continue testing dbuzz and Appics.

There is more to it then only minting tokens with Rarible, so I will need to put more attention to this one.

For a complete toolbox, discord links, website links and other (previous week review) visit this post HERE.


Have you heard about Uhive? it's ERC20 facebook-like platform.