Andrew Yang Says We Need Clear Rules for Cryptocurrency

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Saw this video clip from the Bloomberg Politics Youtube channel on r/cryptocurrency today, as many of you know Andrew Yang is a supporter of cryptocurrency and the underlying tech, blockchain. He's one of the few candidates running for President in 2020 who seems to understand it and its potential and what he's saying is absolutely true.

Imagine someone who wants to invest in Steem today for instance, say someone from the U.S. which has more rules and regulations for citizens to even get involved with cryptocurrencies, let alone how hard banks make it with blocking their customers from sending funds to exchanges related to crypto. They have to overcome such hurdles to even get themselves some Steem even if they were interested and willing. You can't just say "well just create a Binance account, lol" cause Binance is blocked in the U.S. and they had to create Binance US for those customers which right now doesn't support the Steem pair unfortunately. This is something also very ridiculous to me that they don't see how needed this pair is on that exchange considering a majority of the traffic to Steemit/peak comes from the U.S, you'd think they want to meet that demand. We can hope for the best that they'll add it soon, though. The interest in Steem showing by it's increasing volume lately will hopefully make them interested.

Anyway, I am hopeful that 2020 will make it easier for outside investors and regular Joe's to purchase crypto and that our platform will be ready to accept them easier as well with account creation, key safety and starting tutorials. There is a lot of Steem resting on exchanges doing nothing with a majority of traders probably not even aware how they could use it or that they are missing out on inflation. Many probably even know but the 13 week power down scares them away because they are traders and are looking for the next 50-500% pump to trade part or all of their Steem off or attempt to increase their holdings that way. Hopefully with the potential power down change this will get them more interested in participating in our network and at the same time keeping their coins more secure than on exchanges, until then we can hope no big hacks happen. Steem has been lucky enough to avoid any major thefts during the big hacks of Bithumb and Upbit, maybe it's been due to it's low value that we've flown under the radar from hackers and they haven't bothered stealing them off which is a good thing cause a few million stolen Steem at the low volume's we've had would've been bad news for our price if they were to get dumped as quickly as possible.

I hope that even if Andrew Yang doesn't make it far into the election that others side with him and his ideology of crypto and blockchain. If you listen to the other things he stands for such as UBI due to the rise of automation he seems like a pretty smart guy who can see a lot of the imminent problems facing not only the U.S. citizens but the whole world and its employment rate. Automation was something that attracted me to Steem in the first place when I first heard about it, reward people for being people, curators, artists, creators, not laborers as that's something we might be good at now but nothing will be able to beat automation - ask the stock traders from a decade ago what they are working with today.


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Thanks, consider voting for other witnesses as well after checking out what they do on Steem. :)

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Yang is a good guy but he is in a position where he would say anything to get attention from any of the cults...

@flysky attempting to scare away my followers or something :shrug:

Cool. Didn't realize about Yang's view on Crypto and Blockchain. Wonder if Trump even knows the basics of Crypto or Blockchain ?? lol

Where there is money there is corruption. One of the primary problems in society. Crypto removes a TON of the barriers that have been built around our ability to use currency as we see fit. If anything I hope that Yang can get the message out to more people and hopefully open their eyes. But the banking institutions are as powerful as they are for a reason.

Edit: LOL! Fucking asshat people. Must make for a pathetic experience on the platform to be so vindictive.

Thanks for this post.

Estuve leyendo tu artículo, primero que todo debemos empezar por decir que la tecnología del blockchain, ha cumplido sus primeros 10 años y hasta el momento ha demostrado ser una herramienta sólida, con características muy particulares y que la hacen confiable como son: 1. Es publica, 2. Es segura, 3. Es transparente, 4. Es descentralizada, 5. Es distribuida.
Algunas grandes corporaciones que manejan grandes sistemas centralizados como google, Facebook, entre otras, es normal que sientan ciertos temores sobre estas tecnologías que le entregan el poder a la ciudadanía.

translation : government wants to find a way to profit from Cryptocurrency

Yang has a lot of great ideas. I think it’s pretty clear that if he doesn’t win he will end up in some cabinet position. I only hope he chooses the right allies if he does win.

The thing I like the most about him isn’t his policy on crypto or UBI but the underlying idea that we, as a society, have failed to differentiate between market value and human value and that it would serve us best to recognize that human value deserves respect and a way to, at the very least survive.

I like Andrew Yang and the fact he is thinking about the big issues which will be effecting the world down the road. Due to the fact crypto is quite dangerous for those in power it is nice to hear someone who seems to think it is inevitable.
I am hoping that the moves Block One are making in trying to be compliant with the SEC etc will lead to clearer rules for people to follow. At the moment it all feels like we need to get permission from our abusers to get the freedoms Blockchain promises.

Hes pretty much the only Democrat I support and the main reason I support him is because of his stance on Crypto. Most other topics I disagree with, but even if hes not nominated I hope he can have an impact on this stance either as some future government appointment or cause the Democratic candidate to make this a bigger issue for 2020 and beyond.

I alsp think that not having STEEM in Binance.US is a huge disadvantage. The community has tried to push them to add the pair many times, specially on twitter. I hope someday we'll be able to have it listed.

I also want the account creation to be easier for newcomers, hopefully next 2020 will be the year we improve that.

Future is bright!

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Yeah, seems odd why they keep ignoring us, meanwhile some coins that barely have any usecase or actual people using them get listed from the start, oh well, who knows what goes on behind the scenes.


I think that's one good thing we have over here. Our banking system is very ~corrupt~ porous and virtually anything goes in relation to cryptocurrencies. There's no regulation whatsoever and as far as the government is concerned, they don't exist or pose a threat to Naira(because Naira is irrelevant)
This means anybody with money can buy cryptocurrencies, only issue is that you'll buy it slightly above the market price.




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Lol never heard of him

We need a change in thinking in the heads of the people. A paradigm change.

We dont need to make decentralized stuff centralized again

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