Day No 123 Bitcoin vs Gold

in #cryptocurrencieslast month

Screenshot 20201017 at 9.33.22 AM.png

Has it really already been 123 days since I first started this investment experiment? I can't believe how quickly time has passed; it feels like just yesterday I was in lockdown, in our backyard on a beautiful June afternoon, sucking down some IPAs and placing an order for roughly $100 USD of gold and purchasing $100 USD of Bitcoin on Coinbase to begin the experiment. How quickly times does fly; I guess there is profound thought with all of this...

Philosophy aside, look at that chart! Bitcoin is currently now up 20% whereas gold has been stuck around 10% in appreciation forever. Some quickly updated statistics:

  • Bitcoin has now led gold 33 days in a row (well, if that isn't mystical, I don't know what is)
  • Bitcoin has now had more USD value than gold 60% of the time

Again, I have no issue with either investment; I believe both are solid long term holds given the state of central bank monetary policy. And despite, not being a financial advisor, I continue to HODL