Wave of positive press coverage for JPBLiberty's #CryptoClassAction against Facebook, Google and Twitter

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Following on from this story in the Daily Mail on Sunday evening, the crypto press has started to re-vist our story. We know we've been quiet for a year or so: we've been putting in a great deal of work on the case in the meantime.

“We want to accelerate the transition from the centralized, censored, privacy-breaching and anti-competitive Web 2.0 dystopia created by Facebook, Google, Twitter (and others) to the better, decentralized world of Web 3.0, where users own and are paid fairly for their content, security is at the bedrock, privacy is under user control and moderation of content is community based rather than centralized authoritarian censorship,”

We also sent them our list of demands, it's not just about the money:

  • complete lifting of the crypto ad ban;
    damages for the losses in value of cryptocurrencies (up to USD 370bn) and "massive damage to cryptocurrency businesses from the crypto ad ban (many tens of billions more)";
  • a public apology to the cryptocurrency industry;
  • free advertising on Facebook, Google and Twitter for all crypto projects harmed by the ban for as long as the ban has been in place (currently 2.5 years).

Where would crypto be now if the whole industry hadn't been crippled in early 2018?

One of the first big Crypto YouTubers to talk about the case brought up some excellent points around the case. Digital Asset News picked up the story very quickly and opened his video talking about the case. He makes a point we've been saying for a long time: Where would crypto be now if the whole industry hadn't been crippled in early 2018?

He followed that up with another video today which includes an email we sent to him.


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