Cointelegraph covers JPB Liberty #CryptoClassAction

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Today Cointelegraph has a new article about our class action case with some new details.

Hamilton asserts that the wide-reaching crypto ad ban “completely killed off the [initial coin offering] ICO market.”

The lawyer described ICOs as offering “a new way for startup companies in the tech space to raise money” that bypasses the cumbersome regulated fundraising processes associated with the tech industry.

“This is a very big threat to Facebook and Google strategically, because, instead of having startups that have to fundraise all the way through and end up getting bought by Facebook or Google or someone before they become a competitive threat, [...] ICOs front-loaded the investment,” he said.

"Basically, people could raise all the money they were ever going to need to bring their product to fruition. [...] It actually meant that people could focus on development and improving technology, [...] rather than spending all their time fundraising,” Hamilton added.

There is one other very important detail if you haven't signed up for the case already. Signups will be closing on August 21st so if you've been on the fence, now is the time to put in your claim. This is especially important for Steem/Hive holders.

After two-and-a-half years of preparation, Hamilton told Cointelegraph that he is ready to file proceedings within the 48 hours, highlighting that signups from claimants are set to close on Aug. 21.

There's a lot more detail in the full article and signup with the links below!

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I have absolutely so amazing hopes that this can help to settle the issues that we were facing by these cartel members.

it was so bad that even if I was talking in a conversation about blockchain technology my account would start to act weird...

Good luck chaps!

Perhaps they will succeed, one just never knows what direction the legal winds will blow.

Best of luck with it. I signed up a long time back but I hope you've grown since then.

Will be following with interest. Hopefully this gets a lot more mainstream interest as well which would be a bonus to crypto.