New update for Cryptobrewmaster Hive game

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New update in #Cryptobrewmaster game.
Hahaaa😅 now is much better


Okay that's good price for my #beer stock. Considering that there are people with high prices in the market for beer ingredients now, with the help of the price list from my five star bar i see the value of the products created by my factory.
Now i can notice how much some beers are worth. With that list now we can analyze better if it is worth buying that ingredient, presented and put up for sale by the other players. Finally something that makes you a little more reserved in taking a certain action.

By the way if you are curious and want to try this type of game you can try the next link
Represents my referral link. The only requirement is a Hive account which is used to enter the game.
CryptoBrewMaster is a blockchain-based game that allows players to operate their own brewery. This game is totally free where you can earn tokens called #CBM by selling the beer stocks you produce
Keep in mind this blockchain game requires lot of patience but, your patience can be rewarded. It's all up to you. Thank you for your time. Cheers🙂


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