Cryptobremaster progress

in #cryptobrewmaster9 months ago

Today I have brewed my first masterpiece beer in Cryptobrewmaster game
it is beautiful...

Now I have all kind of beers in my stock

I don't understand the game economy yet, e.g. outsatnding beer is >10 times more rare than normal, but costs only twice more

anyway that is probably the best game I've played recently, be sure to try it out at

or if you want to help me out use my referral link


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Buddy those tricks you are playing on Hive-Engine isn't good you are disturbing everyone.
Please Stop...!

I'm not playing tricks, what do you mean?

I am watching your every move.
10 tokens buy sell etc...!
Please stop if you want some income it's good but disturbing other ....
Try some different way please

yes I'm experimenting with trading but I'm hurting no one, only myself. Don't worry it will stop soon

Buddy when will you stop?

When I run out of cash, it takes longer than expected. What is the problem exactly? Perhaps I can change something if you explain