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noun: Shitcoin; plural noun: shitcoins

  1. A cryptoasset or cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin.

Synonyms: altcoin, token

E.g.: "Litecoin is a worthless Shitcoin"

origin: from English "shit" (feces) and "coin" (currency)

Related: shitcoiner, shitcoining


Unrelated: just increased my savings with precious BTC and Steem (powered up, of course) ;-)

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Some of my favorite shitcoins: ETH, STEEM, BAT and DOGE. I assume this term was created in the early days of BTC when no one thought some other cryptocurrencies would appear. I don't consider all altcoins as shitcoins, bust most are. The ones that really don't do anything for the world or in the world are real shitcoins in my opinions.

Gold Thaler würde ich auch gerne .....!

Wow, Dir fehlt ja nur noch ein bisserl was zum Orca. Gratuliere.
Da darf ich Dich wohl gemäß obiger Definition offiziell Shitcoiner nennen :)

Ja, darfst Du :-)