Bitcoin- One Remarkable Decline

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Bitcoin continues to decline. At this moment this virtual currency, it seems to be 30% below the record of the two weeks ago. Quite a significant drop in value when it reached $ 42,000 for a unit managed to record in recent two weeks.


Due to the desire of the financial authorities to combat offshore tax evasion, the European Union or rather the European Commission want the regulation of cryptocurrencies as soon as possible. At first glance, this attempt to try to decrypt all type of cryptocurrencies seems like a small science fiction scenario. So in the near future the European Union and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development aim to regulate this field of digital currencies, so that national tax administrations get the information they need to stop the loss of some important revenue. It is possible that this huge decrease in the values ​​of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, is only due to this bad desire for regulation. A desire that seems to have a negative effect.


From my point of view, of a simple person, I can say that this drastic decrease is only temporary. It's just a small moment that will allow others to enter this world of Blockchain and try to learn owning these types of cryptocurrencies. Even if in the future this cryptocurrencies will continue to surprise us with this stage of decline, things will recover with those inevitable regulations. It's normal and I think we've all got used to it, with that those in charge of states or financial interest groups to continue to suck us out from our pockets.

Let's hope that the things generated by the big financial institutions will not become more negative than they are supposed to be. Be Safe.


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