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It cannot be denied that the crypto industry is growing over time. Even some sites that serve cryptocurrency continue to appear before the public. It seems that the eccentricity and interest in owning digital assets that are transacted on a platform has become a lifestyle of people in some countries.

Crypto may become a new economic base that will move away from conventional adoption. Crypto demand continues to experience waves in the stock market. However, not everyone understands their share data. Even some beginners have difficulty doing market research.

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To add experience and gain unique trading insights or simply to satisfy your curiosity with crypto stock market data, we would like to recommend you to adopt some of the services available on the Santiment platform.

Santiment is a platform to access cryptocurrency data, share insights, and learn about how the crypto market works. We welcome data scientists, crypto traders and investors, and anyone who is passionate about promoting trust and transparency to create a better society for everyone.source

Santiment is a crypto tracking machine that is quite unique and amazing. Santiment can allow you to track selected assets on one of the available services and you will get information / status according to your search list. This kind of platform is certainly very useful to support trading your digital assets.

Santiment was launched in H1 2017, the project is located in Switzerland by adopting smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. In this post we will explain some of the main features that are quite unique on this platform. Thus we hope that this paper will become a reference for crypto enthusiasts.

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It should be noted that this post is not solely an investment advice, we are not financial advisors. Investment has a high enough risk, so it is important for you to consult in advance with the experts. This paper was written as part of science and research.

Santiment looks like a data space that provides a variety of information to help you take action. Therefore the space available on this platform is not solely for trading, you might even adopt some pretty amazing services that are available in several panels. You can specify which services you want, the panel will be diverted and display the information you need.

Unlike other service providers, Santiment has some features that are not owned by some blockchain-based platforms. Let's see what is on this platform.

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Machine Parts

Santiment is made with a machine chain that is strong enough to process large amounts of data with a large group of clusters, the data is accommodated to the signal stream to load data such as:

  • Fundamental
  • Crypto cash flow
  • Project development activities (crypto analysis)
  • Social data & sentiments

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This great project was founded by Maksim Balashevich, one of the creators and entrepreneurs of veteran products with more than 15 years of experience in leading international teams, and more than 10 years in financial market analysis. A leading sentiment analyst and crowd psychologist, he is a regular media commentator who has been featured in Forbes and other financial publications. He also utilizes his unique background in the yoga lifestyle to develop a balanced approach that focuses on humans to build a decentralized community and platform.

This project brings researchers, traders, developers who understand how to work with data on a platform that is tailored to the main fundamentals of developing the Blockchain technology. With the hands of experts they created a simple interface platform to be easily digested by all groups. This basic design includes research reports, price / trend insights, visuals, charts, and discussions.

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SAN Token

Vision for Token Economy:

SAN is a utility token that provides access to exclusive parts of SANbase. The first economic level, risking the basic SAN available for our experimental SANbase Dashboard. We hope that token economy will have three main dimensions.

  • SAN as a payment (monthly subscription, auction, etc.) crowdsources pricing for Santiment services, while ordering and creating value for SAN holders.

  • SAN as a bet (holding a certain number of SAN tokens, account locked) provides incentives to strategic partners to support and improve Santiment as a data feed platform.

  • SAN as a gift (payment to contributors, grants) for crowdsourcing data and information increases the value of Santiment services, which creates more value for the entire network.

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We have observed this platform several times, a fairly simple design that is very easy to understand even for beginner level actors. In Santiment you will find data from all the most dominant crypto projects. One of the products that we are most interested in is Sanbase, in this panel you will find the main data needed by all investors. Sanbase has a quite unique feature in which Space Charts are available that will show charts of the crypto type you choose. Furthermore, there are also Assets features that show more than 7 tables such as All assets, ERC20, Top 50 ERC20, Emerging trending Assets, Stablecoins, Decentralized Exchanges, and Centralized Exchanges.

Here also features sonar, insights and labs. To be able to access all the features in the Sanbase panel you must create an Account. Creating an account is very easy just by entering an email, then you will get a confirmation email from the admin that will direct you to log in via a link.

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Final decision

Santiment is one platform that you can use as a reference to get more profitable access to the stock market. The appearance of a very simple website allows it to be easily digested by all users. This project allows you to consume great insights and the easiest way to make a stock market analysis to invest. Not only that, actually this platform has a uniqueness that you have not found in other service providers.

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This post and the information contained herein is not intended as a source of credit advice or analysis in connection with the material presented, and the information and / or documents contained on this website do not constitute investment advice.


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