ALERT!!! Scam on Discord chanel - Benribit exchange

in crypto •  2 months ago  (edited)

Some users on Discord who are involve in crypto get this or similar message:

Congratulations! (Only for users +18)
You have been randomly selected among users of Crypto Discord Channels, such as Grin/ Crypto Investors / Energi / Lion crypto and many others... In the Giveaway! We are fast-growing crypto project which offers the best conditions to hold or trade your Crypto! To attract new users we have made a giveaway with 100 prizes cost almost 6 BTC!
You WON 0.33 BTC :sports_medal:
How to receive your BTC?
Register account in
Go to the "Codes" section and activate your code: BF9C271FA759DA03
Withdraw BTC to your address

This is what I get today.

I found that the domain is only 3 days old. Have short expiration date. And is anonymous.

Some people try to withdraw the money. But they must deposit first. Some are even try contact support without luck.

This is smell like scam. Beware of send them your money or your personal info.


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To jsem zvědav, kolik lidí to ještě dostane a kolik jich na to skočí. Ještě že jsem váhavý a nechal jsem si poradit, než jsem do toho vlezl :-)

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

no skusil jsme to postnout kde se dalo aby se to info rozšířilo, přeci jen lidi občas na něco skočej... :)

Ještě včera jsem dával upozornění na discord SteemTerminal.
Dnes jsi druhý, kdo dal varovný post :-)

jsme ho schválně skusil přes steampek dát promote za 8 steemů :D

Netuším co to je, ale určitě víš, co děláš :-)

No to nevím :D


Ale je to na těch tagách vidět asi udělám obrázek aby to bylo vidět víc :D

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Nic nového pod slunce, jak se praví v knize Kazatel...

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