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In the Search for a decentralized service provider helpful for launching your ICO; Masternodes can be taken into account, Ideal for its power, speed and safety.
The MASTERNODES service is feasible thanks to its innovative technology based on distributed and decentralized networks of nodes that attribute power to the platform.
Recall that each node is independent and replace each other at the time of a power failure or hardware failure.
This makes the service interruptible and low maintenance, since each user owns their own CPU and is responsible for their repair.

I invite you to discover MASTERNODES, its main characteristics and advantages.

It is very important that you know in advance, a little history about DASH.



CURRENTLY A DASH IS EQUIVALENT TO: 112,41 US$ (0,01114696 BTC), According to data extracted from 07/25/2019


It is an advanced cryptographic service that corresponds to the second layer of architecture Dash, where the functionalities of instant and private transactions are made possible, as well as, the free governance system.

MasterNodes seeks to streamline transactions within a financial ecosystem through a server that remains connected to blockchain 24/7.

How do you access the service?

Users must meet some minimum CPU, RAM, disk space and network requirements.

To run a wallet Dash you must have a minimum of 1000 Dash as a guarantee, the customer can make instant and secure payments.

Masternodes prevents Sybil attacks (twins) that can work in parallel by boycotting operations.


Is it possible that some entity can support a masternodes?

(affirmative response):


The participations allow the client to accumulate the money to pay for the service of some masternodes, hiring intermediaries who can provide the funds for activation.

That is a participation MASTERNODES!

Finally, the service provider divides the reward among the participants as follows:

  • 45% for the MasterNodes
  • 10% for a development fund
  • 45% to the miner who found the block

"The operations are 100% private and in real time, a privilege for large investors who request identity protection, data security and interoperability." / /

The advanced functionality of Masternodes is denoted below:


InstantSend: The possibility of making instant payments are an advantage of masternodes before other platforms such as Bitcoin, which suffer large bottlenecks that generate waiting times to confirm a payment.

PrivateSend: Transactions are made keeping anonymity, safeguarding the identity of the user as well as all of their sensitive data. An advantage compared to public and traceable transactions offered by Bitcoin.

Decentralized Governance: The masternodes make up a distributed network of no-trust nodes where consensus is governed by the majority decision, while Bitcoin is controlled by a group of miners and financed by third parties.

More Masternodes functions:

Through Node40, another masternodes functionality, the system analyzes the financial progress in the network and establishes the range of losses or gains generated. The monitoring is constantly updated and generates an auditable record. It also associates the IRS data to keep the user informed of their tax obligation.

Return of investment (ROI)
Dash. It is responsible for paying on time to all the associated nodes according to their performance, ensuring the transparency of the process and without the possibility of diverting funds.

"The launch of
a new generation of masternodes in the market
which could represent a potential
future benefit"

In my opinion MASTERNODES is ideal as long as you consult your budget, since a certain amount of cryptocurrencies is required to start the service

Masternodes Pros & Cons


  • Instant Payments
  • Audit and traceability
  • Fast return on investment
  • Compatibility with various cryptocurrencies
  • Does not use expensive hardware
  • Low energy consumption


  • It requires that the user enjoy great monetary liquidity to be able to operate a masternode
  • It is subject to the volatility of the Cryptocurrency market which could generate unforeseen losses.

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Hello my dear @nachomolina, thanks for the invitation.

Great article, you bring very good information for all those who start as investors in the world of cryptocurrencies. We can also observe the evident progress in the entire Blockchain process, interesting to know that there is a reduction in costs and the use of less expensive equipment and with less energy consumption.

Very good post friend.

thx my friend!

Great post my friend!

Here in Maracay, there is a community dedicated to the world of Dash, apparently, there are in several states: Barquisimeto, I think Trujillo and there are also some establishments that accept you pay with Dash.

This is their e-mail

Aquí en Maracay hay una comunidad dedicada al mundo del Dash, al parecer los hay en varios estados: Barquisimeto, creo que Trujillo y tambien hay unos establecimientos que te aceptan pagar con Dash.

Este es su correo

Thanks for sharing

Epale @jadams2k18! Saludos amigo, que bueno que formes parte de esa comunidad creo que es un gran logro!
Buenas noticias para Venezuela un país importante para la adopción DASH en latinoamérica! Ya puedo ver tu dirección de correo electrónico Dash, excelente, me alegra te haya gustado mi artículo, seguimos trabajando el contenido crypto, que tengas buenas tardes...
Desde cumaná, #venezuela

Bueno, me llegan correos pero aun no estoy metido en la jugada!

Saludos @nachomolina

hey there dear @NachoMolina,

First of all thank You for inviting me to give my opinion about this, and no, I don't mind with wallet memos, have received from @Crypto.Piotr, @JuanMolina and @JAdams2k18 before and contrary to what some think about it, I really don't mind, and there is always the option of not answering, ignoring, or simply telling that one doesn't want to receive them, given the case..

I digress a bit, honestly this post/article is a very good one, and to call it perfect would only add, examples of the CPU/RAM/energy consumption, if one wants to run a node at home, still, it's very complete and well written, also personally have had talks with a friend about renting servers to take care of one or more masternodes, although there are not much liquidity available and that is a major drawback on our part, yet has been a recurrent talk (one can dream xP..)

About the post content, I can't say or add that much, it speaks for itself, I like for example how You openly didn't hide pros/cons, and maybe that, even with risks if one can do it, it would be a major help to the blockchain technology, community and to the person(s) involved in it.

Ok, maybe it could be a major help if a small/medium number of people got together, rented a server and contributed to have masternodes, but that would have to be well planned and conscious of the risks involved, yet it could become a major help to people that doesn't have that much of an option =/

As a final note, I do think this is a very good thing, and appreciate those who already do it, also want to thank You for sharing this with the quality observed, keep up the good work..

All the best,

I'm so glad that people like you @cyberspacegod are part of this community.

Seriously thank you for being so encouraging and responsive to others. Respect.

ps. is there any way to contact you directly? Email perhaps? I would love to keep in touch with you, as I value you as a person a lot.

Thank You dear @Crypto.Piotr,

You're feedback is appreciated, and if we don't encourage one another, surpass misunderstandings and differences, how can this potentially amazing technology evolve into something bigger, from the people to the people, outside of centralized/government control?!

Hence my attitude here, even if sometimes I want to explode, we're all adults and the more consciousness and awareness one has, the more responsibility for its own actions and somewhat others one has also..

Yeah You can contact me at discord, or if You want an e-mail:, I do prefer discord for it is always on and the e-mail I use for other stuff, but feel free to contact by that via ;)

Have a great one,

Dear @cyberspacegod

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your amazing comment. I absolutely appreciate it.

Perhaps you could visit my latest post and share your own opinion on discussed topic.

ps. how can I find you on discord? my username is: crypto.piotr#3426


No worries ;)

Sometimes a lot is happening and we miss some things °¡° for example, if a lot more was happening I wouldn't have checked what all the noise was in front of the building where I live, only to find a group of people yelling, cops arriving, fortunately this time not for me xD..

On discord if I'm not mistaken, the only thing needed to find another is the tag #×××× =×

And if You've searched at PAL server at discord You would have seen me there ^^P

Just have to finish a couple of things here, maybe go get some missing grocery before stores closing and then I'll go check the 'Bloody important question', from just the title I do have an idea of what I'll say already, cause me and a friend have discussed that a week or so ago =X

Until next contact In Lak'ech

Thanks for understanding and adding me on discord @cyberspacegod :)

I also just noticed that you've resteemed my latest post. THX BIG TIME buddy.

from just the title I do have an idea of what I'll say already, cause me and a friend have discussed that a week or so ago =X

And did you guess right what my post was about? :)

Enjoy your monday :)
Yours, Piotr

No worries mate, whenever You need something hit me up on discord, might not answer right away, but I will eventually =P..

Yeah I did because I think its interesting and people in the the STEEM blockchain need to understand a bit better the technology and philosophy behind "the curtains"..

Yeah sort of, not so detailed as You've put but it was pretty much what I've been talking with a friend ^^)

You too enjoy Your day ;), In Lak'ech

Thank you for being so responsive @cyberspacegod


Hey! You're still Alive! 😄

Guess I am still alive!!

Because only the good die young!!


How have You been my friend, and Your family? Really hope everything is good!! ^_^

Whenever You want to, hit me up on Discord (I know I can say something also =|.. haven't been much social since my camera died on me and I've reassessed the depths of the mind..)

Anyway, it's good to see You're also still alive ^^P

All the best,

Heellooo! We're fine, at least in good health, which is what's important.

Good to see you too :D

Stay in touch!

Dear, @cyberspacegod, your message is incredible, many people seek to partner through the "Masternodes Participations" functionality to opt for the service, this leaves them a profit margin with which they manage to recover the investment after a short time.
Node subscribers earn solid rewards passively just by staying connected 24/7.
I have also found it interesting to highlight the PROS and CONS since I think that every crypto service can have virtues but also have weaknesses, I think the reader deserves fair and honest information from the content creator user.
The Masternodes service offers a powerful solution that is integrated to the blockchain continuously for customers who demand more resources to advance their business investment or ICO's launch, among other operations where they handle substantial virtual assets.
I can say that not everyone has the equivalent of 1000 DASH to invest in a Masternodes, :( but nevertheless, we must think that this platform is an incredible advance and maybe with some luck someday not too far away we could have enough income to join to the project...
Let's hope so! :)
Your comment has been a great contribution to start this forum, I also congratulate you personally for your receptivity and good intentions,
Really grateful, @nachomolina

Your opinion about my comment and Your comment are very appreciated, yet, my opinion is not that incredible ^^P, it's just my opinion, and I'm just another 'regular Joe' with some love for good uses of technology, such as blockchain for example..

Yeah I do understand that it can be a very good source of income, even in passive form, and much more if actively working on it, or developing other projects that use the blockchain or for the growth of the blockchain itself..

You definitely "won" by being impartial about the Pros/Cons, honesty is needed for this community and technology to grow massively, and it's getting there, little by little.

Also the 1000 DASH is somewhat a huge value, still, I do agree with it as a "safety" measure for the ones that invest and are behind it all working with masternodes, as in any other business model, without any investment it's very hard to have profit and progress, from a logical point of view it makes sense, even removing any kind of currency, there has to be time devoted to achieve whatever one might want to achieve..

And the dream is still alive so let us hope and do the best we can to achieve it, or maybe the present social paradigm will change so drastically that it won't be even needed, but until then, we can only continue to improve and "work" to do and be better at each step..

Again I do appreciate You enthusiasm about my comment, but it was nothing ^^), I'm glad that my simple comment and resteem helps one or other way!


Dear @nachomolina

Great read buddy.

I've been interested with masternodes over year ago, however I found this topic very complicated for majority of people (including myself) so I figured out that there will never be much of a demand for projects launched as masternode.

So far there isn't many succesful ones.

Since you seem to have quite enormous knowledge and experience, would you mind if I ask you to share your own opinion on my latest publication:

I would appreciate it greately.


Hi @ crypto.piotr
Thanks for passing and leaving your comment!
With so many crypto-financial services in
Masternodes today seems to be a
service with some exclusivity for customers
who enjoy great liquidity ...
Hopefully the next generation Masternodes
to do a new investigation and follow
developing this topic worth studying! :)
See you soon, I go through your blog to see the
news that you have brought

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thx! :)

A good content!

thx my friend!

Hello Dear @nachomolina good to read this post about Masternodes and dash
It brings back memories of the time when Dash established itself as the grand daddy of masternodes and became the defacto place to go and check what masternodes are profitable and the roi they offered.
Nice effort my friend and good luck to you

Thank you for evaluating my post and leaving your kind comment!
Also good luck to you :)