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I have been checking out the Wink Token Structure and their Poker Platform last week and was now able to make some more concrete calculations on what to expect from the Dividends. I also played some poker sessions to pass the time and have results on that...


To test out I bought 1 Million WIN a bit over a week ago to test it out (at the time worth 71.5$) and tracked the Daily Dividends all week long. Tracking these things accurately is quite complicated because the price of both WIN and TRX constantly fluctuates and the website doesn't really work for me constantly giving "Loading Drops History"

At the start of the week, 6410 TRX got you 1 Million Wink and gave these Daily Dividends paid out in TRX:

Monday18.270 TRX
Tuesday8.986 TRX
Wednesday8.070 TRX
Thursday4.989 TRX
Friday8.775 TRX
Saturday8.534 TRX
Sunday11.407 TRX


Similar to SBET, the price of the WIN token likely will go up or down along with the Dividends that are being paid out and it saw a +6.90% increase in price (compared to TRX which gained 11.33% itself)

I'm always looking for Coins from solid projects that pay Dividends like this which have an upside price potential. I can't say I'm a fan of the general approach of WINK (Mirco token value, Gazillion coins, Ponzi mining structure, mostly -EV gambling, complicated structure, Insane Supply, ...) This doesn't mean it's not possible to earn money from it though. Gamblers seem to love the platform and they have plenty of actual users, Dividends are nice and the poker tables are really soft making it quite easy to have an edge.

The main unknown factor for me right now is the circulating supply and at what pace it is being inflated. This is the main thing I will continue to keep an eye on. Looking at Tronscan it showed at the start of the week that 209734500000 WIN were into circulation and this didn't seem to have increased the last 7 days.


I started the week with 3940 TRX in my account playing mostly 2/4 TRX blind (also some 5/10 later in the week when there was a table available) and managed to finish with 9809 TRX (which includes the Dividends). So 5869 TRX Profit (currently 68.4$). I mostly played as many tables as were available up to 4 while playing Splinterlands on the side. I didn't track exactly how many hours I played but did a couple of 2-3 hour sessions along with quite some shorter sessions.

I did collect a total of 403.775 RAKE since I started playing in Wink but only realized a couple of days ago this first needs to be withdrawn and afterward Frozen in order to get the Rakedrop dividends. I have no clue why this needs to be done because it is impossible to sell RAKE anyway. Also this idea that you mine RAKE by playing which gets more difficult over time just doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me. It's a great Ponzi to get the action going early on but I have no clue how this broken model will be fixed over time. Around 400 RAKE earned 0.57 TRX in dividends on both Saturday and Sunday so it's not all that much.

Overall I still very much have mixed feelings about It is a gambling website where it is quite easy to earn money because of the soft poker opposition and the WIN Dividends have some potential and I'm certainly thinking about re-investing some poker earnings in WIN to increase daily dividend payouts.

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