CC251 - Kucoin Pool-X The Mega Staking Factory for Building Crypto Wealth

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

00:00 Introduction
01:09 The main page of Pool-X
04:59 Exchange
08:14 Burning Drop
10:20 Bidding simulation
13:33 ETH 2.0 Era
15:48 Vote for governance
16:55 Pool-X
21:22 What is Pool?
23:54 Total output of staking mining
25:59 Pool-X help center

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Introduction of KuCoin Pool-X

Kucoin Pool X is an important section of KuCoin where you can stake your crypto. In return, you build streams of passive income easily without doing the hard work yourself.

It is beneficial for everyone!

What's covered in this video about KuCoin Pool-X

I cover all the features at a high level and you going to have an excellent overview of KuCoin Pool-X.

Now sit down and relax, while watching the video with a nice cup of coffee.

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