Brave Browser - Great Opportunity To Earn Passive Income ! ! ! Register now ! ! !

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Brave browser is kind of a revolutionary browser based on the block-chain technology with its own cryptocurrency called BAT.

It's working pretty fast like Chrome but it's decentralized & you can collect rewards by creating content, clicking on ads & by the referral program.

Another great specific of this browser is a Brave shield with built-in pop-up / ad blocker which works perfectly!

It's also very useful for the #contentcreators!!!

You can connect your #WebSite, #YouTube, #Twitter, #Twitch, #Vimeo, #Reddit & #GitHub accounts to Brave & through these channel the visitors of your web page can tip you with #BATcurrency!

I've been using it for a while & I'm quite satisfied with it cause I managed to get few small payouts already.

I will definitely continue using it in the future & would propose it to anyone who uses web a lot cause it's fast & safe web browser with which you can even make some passive income!


These are my referral links:


So if you would like to try it out, please click on one of those links & check it out yourself. This way you will able me to get some small funds...

& you will be able to spread the word with your referral links after you join & make more income!!!

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Perfect post

Thanks! 😃

excellent browser, I use it daily!

Yes, indeed! I am thrilled with it! 😃 Thanks for supporting!

How much do you make on referrals?

1-6 $/new user. Depending on region / country of the new user.

That's not too shabby!

Not at all! It's a fine passive income if it happens! 😉

Ya This is an amazing browser its been a while I am using this browser and I really loved this.

Are you managing to earn some BAT? 😃

Ya I have earn total of 10 BAT only what about you???

I earned much more cause I've been using it for a while & I get from 3-15 BAT/month. I would like to get even more! 😃

Oh that's great I will try to be earn more BAT wish me luck 😋🤞🙏

If you are a content creator you can make more - also by connecting your YouTube, Twitter & some other accounts to your Brave browser - research that! & of course, good luck! 😉

Oh haven't heard about this all I will try to do this all to earn more.
Thanks a lot for the information.

No problem! Thanks for stopping by!

sure use soon because chrome dont me like much

Will you start using it? 😃