The resurrection of shit coins making people explode into greatness

in #crypto2 months ago


It htas been a really crazy week in the cryptocurrency world, shitty coins just started rising from the dead and making people rich, first it was a token called, i purchased half a million of this token at a very low price and barely 1 month after, it did a flash thing, it did 10x of his value and not long hot did its own crazy bull run too...

There was a call on freecoin last month too and i was amazed to see my 25 usd turning to 100 usd plus i didn't plan to hold freecoin for longterm so i sold it, unknown to me there are people who have been holding freecoin for 2 years and they made their profit, patience is really the key in the crypto world today i heard of another coin that pulled same stunt. today, i mean coins i never heard of their names

I have learnt that no matter what one does, he will still be heartbroken, sell coins you will wail later when it pump, hold and you will regret holding when it dips, so choose your wailing smartly, the top never ends..i almost bought the top for doge but glad i was able to control myself, it would have been a different story now

8I remember tipping my doge in server on discord, like 10 000 doge, i tipped away my millions of naira, just so funny cos that 10 000 doge would give nothing less than 3000 usd now or is it the 12 000 hunt i sold very cheat at 60 usd that is now worth around 10 000 usd, but we move..*

Do not try to rush things, just enjoy the world of cryptocurrency, do it as fun and you may get rich through it luckily, these are word of wisdom said by my mentor so now i am just going to let things do itself...