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RE: What's in my wallet?

in #crypto-currencieslast year

Nice sharing your token wallet @roger5120, and that is a lot of tokens you have there, as for me I am really into CTP, and create and engage there every day, I have over 2600 of those now, and they currently stand at 2.247 cents USD, but more importantly it's been able to retain it's value really great.

I even bought some miners, the first time I ever did that, plus I really do like what the tribe is about, affiliate marketing, so I am just staking everything I get, plus I also trust the man behind it @jongolson.

One more thing is that CTPtalk is onboarding a lot of new Steemians, and I can only see that this will accelerate going forward, so I have a very positive view of the future for this tribe and token, but that is my view, do your own research before investing. 😉

Stay Awesome!