Let Autumn Winds Sweep Your World Clean! (UpFundMe Fundraising, Vol VII)

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The autumnal equinox passed a few days ago, symbolizing that fall has truly arrived!

Traditionally, autumn is the time of harvest, where we reap the benefits of our work during the year; what we have "sown." But autumn is also a time to clean up and get rid of the waste and unused things we accumulated, earlier in the year.

Autumn sunset

Fall can also be a great time to reflect on our lives, and do get rid of those things — emotional, physical, psychological, financial and otherwise — that no longer serve our highest and best self.

But Where Do We Focus?

So how about that Equinox on September 23rd? What does it mean for your life?

The message I got — both from doing a couple of Tarot readings, as well as from consulting with friends who are astrologers — loud and clear, was that this is a time to focus on relationships.

How we interact with the rest of the world during this next quarter period is going to set us up and potentially influence our lives for quite some time. Years, to be exact. About six, if I read the message right, and I usually do. And the astrological shiznak agrees with me on this one too.

Based on what, exactly?

Light over the mountains

Because Pluto — yes, the one traditionally known as the God of the Underworld — has been running amok and backward since April, in what astrologers call "retrograde." Guess what begins to go forward again at the start of October? That's right, Pluto! And the thing about that particular event is that it will become more and more difficult to hide your "relationship skeletons" in your closet.

Consider who's around you: You're not alone. Are you? Who is in your corner? Who are you sharing office space with? A bed? A house? A life? Who are these people and how do they create a life of meaning with you? Who fits your needs as you are now, and who doesn't?

Now you might think this is all "so much hocus-pocus," but remember that the tides of huge oceans happen because of the gravitational pull of the Moon... it's sort of difficult to simply dismiss that the planets may have some kind of effect on us!

Happy fall and Bright Blessings to everyone!

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