Trump Scapegoat: Negative Interest Rates To Fail Spectacularly

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My experience with big events in the news is that they are being used to cover up even bigger events going on in the world. Seeing as the Trump impeachment process has just started, I'm wondering what massive event is going to be swept under the rug. I hear there is a coup going on in Bolivia. But I mean honestly, who gives a shit about Bolivia? Apparently no one because the justifications used this time around are laughable.

No, that's not big enough. that's what she said

Impeachments take a lot time, so I imagine this is going to get stretched out for quite a while, drowning out all the other important news that actually matters. Perhaps that impending economic depression is not that far away after all. I mean, I feel like it would be smarter to put it off for a year as political leverage in the next presidential election, but there's always the chance that the central banks know their limitations and can't delay this horrible inevitability that long. Bad actors can't stop other bad actors even if they wanted to.

fake news.png

Make no mistake, a Trump impeachment does not matter one way or another. Trump is a hilarious practical joke.

The elite is laughing their asses off:

Watch this! I'm gonna make this reality TV show clown the president and they still won't understand that he's not in charge of anything important.

Hmmm... yep.

They were right. It is pretty funny too, in a fucked up sadistic kind of way.

When it really comes down to it, this impeachment nonsense is just way too good of a smokescreen for literally everything coming our way, so I'll be on the lookout for actual critical news that becomes vaporized by this festering neon distraction.


Central Banking.

The foundation of society and the economy itself... we already know that central banks all around the globe have big plans for negative interest rates paired with significant inflation to make up for the loss.

With a current interest rate of 2%, they have nowhere near the buffer they had during the housing crisis in 2008. How did that turn out again? 0% interest rates for 7 years? Negative rates are a 'hilarious' inevitability that no one would have ever believed possible just a decade ago.

Now the elite talks about it like it's a totally normal and healthy happenstance for this "booming" economy. Honestly, that would probably be true of the Fed was doing it out of the kindness of their hearts and not because the entire system is about to collapse and the whole world is about to lose faith in the dollar as the world reserve currency.

I found this video by @louisthomas very insightful.
I've never heard anything about European central banks before.

Would we not be in a situation today with much higher unemployment and a far lower growth rate, and isn’t it true that ultimately we have done the right thing to act in favor of jobs and growth rather than the protection of savers?

We should be happier to have a job than to have our savings protected. I think that it is in this spirit that monetary policy has been decided by my predecessors and I think they made quite a beneficial choice.

---Christine Lagarde (first woman to head the European Central Bank)

This is literally how the 60 Minutes interview starts:

With the global economy at risk of recession, the man for the job...
is a woman.

Hurrah for us liberals At least I used to consider myself left-wing

Let's focus on equal rights, gun control, and universal healthcare instead of fixing the underlying issues causing all the problems (heinous wealth inequality via mafioso rulership resulting in infinite greed and war).

Okay, so what's the plan?

  • Lower interest rates
  • Print more money.
  • Devalue everyone holding fiat so they stop holding it and stimulate the economy instead.

So why will this fail so spectacularly, you ask?

Well, it never really worked before. It simply delays the problem for someone else to fix. That's the American way: more debt. This is just more failed trickle-down economics. The money isn't going to flow into creating more cancerous growth because that's not what this economy actually needs. Jobs are getting worse, not better. Giving rich people more money or incentivizing them to spend the fiat they are holding doesn't change anything.

Where does the money go?

  • Exploiting third world countries by moving businesses over seas to capitalize on more efficient wage slavery.
  • Automation
  • Precious metals (and hopefully crypto)
  • Other stores of value (stocks and real estate if those bubbles don't pop).
  • Corporate fat cats giving themselves a raise while they cut benefits and jobs.
  • Any asset that central banks can't melt away.
    • Andreas Antonopoulos said they used to buy a new washing machine and never use it when hyperinflation ravaged his home country of Greece.

The diminishing returns on this failed economic policy should be obvious.

We keep doing the same shit over and over and over again. Interest rates are now primed to go negative and everyone wonders how it all went wrong. This debt drug addict is about to overdose for the last time.

People are waking up to the BS

This is the main reason it won't work. If you had told me ten years ago that people would care about a Facebook data breach or that they don't believe the MSM Epstein narrative I would have not believed it. I'm not quite sure what is going on, but there seems to be some kind of very slow realization around the globe that we are being lied to constantly. Who'd a thunk it. Honestly I find it pretty weird.

When devaluation stops being hidden by slow inflation people are going to notice. This frog is 'bout to jump out the damn pot.

Not paying people dividends on their savings account is one thing, but reversing them is a completely different story. Micro-charges are a big deal. I've seen how people react when they have to pay 10 cents for a bag at the grocery store when they used to be free. If the same thing happens with banking, I guarantee that banks are absolutely fucked.

And what do the banks do when they are absolutely fucked?

They crack down on the economy hard and quarantine the fuck out of it. Crypto is going to be banned in a lot more countries, but as we've seen, nobody gives a shit about those completely unjust laws. People keep using it anyway. It's superior tech. Central banks will not be able to stem the bleeding. They're going to bleed out, and they clearly deserve it.

What to expect from bank bail ins:

Expect riots.
Expect martial law.
Expect witch hunts and bounties for ratting out your neighbors.

Nothing good can come from haircutting people's bank accounts and forcing them to invest in a failed business. Bailouts are illegal now. Bail-ins were made legal at the exact same time. They've been tipping their hand for over a decade and hardly anyone has been informed of this unavoidable reality. Here's to hoping I'm the kind of person that can thrive during the carnage. The power shifts we are about to witness will be Biblical in proportion.

Just in case you weren't sure if these people were 100% full of shit:

Christine Lagarde: I was brought up as a citizen of this world. The risk I see is that the United States is at risk of losing leadership. And that would be just a terrible development.

John Dickerson: Because?

Christine Lagarde: Because it has been a force for good, and for those principles that I respect highly: the rule of law, democracy, free market, and consideration for the individual, and-- and respect.

It's the same message the Allies sent to the world 75 years ago on these shores: we're all in this together.

The United States of America has been a force for good until Trump got elected?

She sounds like a god-damned propaganda commercial for military recruitment. It's the GD greedy ass central banks and corporations who are responsible for this entire disaster. She's fucking in on it, but she gets to blame Trump for everything. Truly amazing.

Best president ever; the ultimate scapegoat.

Trump did it; make sure to tune into his impeachment.

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Chump, indeed, has been the most entertaining presidency yet.

However, we have entered a time of great financial change.
And the International Mafia Federation is trying to control its change.

But, unfortunately for them, decentralized cryptos are already out there.

So, the IMF wins or bitcoin wins
And i really do not want to live in a world where the IMF wins.

Lagarde is a fucking joke.

I'm not quite sure what is going on, but there seems to be some kind of very slow realization around the globe that we are being lied to constantly.
Who'd a thunk it. Honestly I find it pretty weird.

The weirdest people are those, who just deny EVERYTHING.
Everything is still cool. Trust your economy, governments, bankers. Go work.
But I guess that's a special situation in germany. While the whole fucking world understood that their govs aint doing any good for them, germans never heard of that.
They even go on the streets for more taxes to safe the world of climate change.

This has all been engineered to fail so the bansksters can go on the biggest asset/land grab in history.

Google is moving into banking now so soon we'll be using a digital currency administered by google. The beast is about to take the throne.

are you sure they aren't shaking in their boots? 😜 I wonder how much has been drained so far? 😉🤔🤷‍

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