Creep Pulls Out A Knife And Threatens Lady Realtor. She Pulls Out Her Gun.

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Wild West rule #1: Never bring a knife to a gunfight.

Most news media never covers this type of story but the reality is that many lives are saved every single day by people who have carry permits like this Realtor in Colorado.

And this kind of scenario hits close to home because Mrs. J. was a Realtor for 12 years and most of her showings were in lousy neighborhoods.

In this story though, the Realtor, named Dawna(that's a cool name but everyone would misspell it :), was setting up for an open house when this dirtbag arrived.

She wasn't suspicious though because he was polite and pleasant and asked the right questions and talked about his loan options and so forth like a genuine potential buyer.


But things took an ugly turn when he asked to see the upstairs. When they got to the Master Bedroom he took out a knife and a rope attached to a can of Bear Spray.

He said "This is a knife, this is bear spray." Then he said, "Take off your ring and get into the closet." source

That's when she drew her gun. When she did that he sprayed her with the bear spray which temporarily blinded her... so she started firing. He ran downstairs and drove off.

She called the cops and they caught and arrested him.

Here's Dawna and the thug she thwarted:


It was just a couple days before I saw this article that a lady Realtor had been abducted and murdered while showing a house.

They're very vulnerable to this kind of attack but most Realtors don't meet strangers to show them houses anymore.

Mrs. J. did all the time but most of the time these days the client has to come to the brokerage offices for an interview and they have to present ID and have their photo taken before they'll meet with them to show houses.

That's what it's come to in these times. But there's no way to screen people at open houses, anyone can and do show up. Needless to say, most Realtors carry a gun.


She done good but she should have ordered him to back up and then shot him when he went for the bear spray. So she had some luck on her side. I bet she doesn't do open houses by herself anymore.

Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

PS- Have y'all seen the Tom Cruise Top Gun trailers yet? This one is great because it includes behind the scenes stuff:

I think the movie's gonna be breath-taking.




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well i briefly forgot what the article was about when i watched the trailer, that's the first time i have seen that. The effects look incredible that is for sure.

Also happy to hear about the "good guy (person) with a gun" scenario.

Howdy sir gooddream! Yes I was impressed when Tom Cruise said the movie was rare because it's all real flying scenes. They had to use the best pilots in the world to be up there flying the planes that were doing the filming!

I think it's going to inspire some kids to be fighter pilots.

Yes the "good guy" with a gun scenario! People don't realize how many lives are saved all the time, usually just by pulling one out and stopping a fight, burglary, or other criminal activity.

So happy to hear that things worked out in her could have been so much worse. Also glad to know that jerk was captured!

Howdy tamaralovelace! Good to see you...yes she was very lucky thank God. It's too bad that Realtors have to figure in security measures in their business now.

Aha! That’s a good story!
Always be vigilant and have proper protection!

I agree sir kaminchan, it is unfortunate that such steps are necessary but they certainly are over here, hopefully not in Thailand!

It's shocking to hear that the land of the free has become the land of hooligans. What a uncivilized place. What is wrong with you men over there. 😎

Well this particular profession brings out the evil in some men even in the safest neighborhoods because they love the idea that the women are alone and can be an easy target.
As a whole the country is very safe with low crime rates. Especially in Texas because thugs know that so many people carry guns and they don't want to die!

Very sad indeed - that one has to carry a gun to protect oneself. I thought that sort of things only happens in the movies.

Well yes but like I said, it is only in specific situations in certain jobs. Most of the country is very safe and you don't need to carry a gun. Singapore is pretty scary too because I heard you need to carry chopsticks with you!

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Well howdy steemitbloggers! Thanks so much for the upvote and resteem!

Hi janton, these kinds of stories remind us not be too self-complacent when working with the public. I am glad that Mrs J did not face this thug. In my job, two of us must go together to children's home for a home visit/interview now. But, in my early days as a kindy/preschool teacher home visits on my own were the norm. I did hundreds of them.

Was it a different time back then when you went by yourself? I mean, 40 years ago over here it would be fine, no one would even think of it as being dangerous!

Yes, it was janton, the rules changed as society changed. Also, I think that safety became a bigger priority.

I agree. It's always been wise to have safety in mind but now days it's a matter of survival.

Well said @janton. People don't write these anymore. Well done to the woman, could have been worse. That's why we need to stay alert 🙏 thanks for sharing this with us. Be blessed 😊

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Howdy today clitadias! I agree. It can be a dangerous time we are living in, especially for women.

Hey janton! I'm well. Yes, absolutely, both men and women. Have a great weekend 🙏

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Howdy today sir steem-plus and thank you for the upvote!

Open house, show houses and estate agents really take a knocking trying to earn a living.

My sister passed all the exams to sell homes twenty-five years ago, realized how dangerous it was to sell, consequently never carried on in that line of business.

Glad she managed to escape his onslaught, and he got nabbed tucked up safely in jail I hope @janton

Yes he's facing quite a few charges and is in jail. I'm sure he'll do at least a few years in prison. Pretty soon the agents will have to start having security guards go with them whenever they show a house!

I went with my wife many times if it was someone she didn't know or it was a bad part of town.

Hope your laws keep them where they belong, too many sit half term then set free over here.

That's the way it is here too unless it's a really bad murder. Otherwise a sentence means they'll get out in half that time. It's an overcrowding issue.

Sounds all to familiar!

Howdy Janton! I cannot even imagine this happening here in our neighbourhood!!! And I did open houses but not by myself, because I am not realtor, I was just helping to realtor who I was working with when I was doing staging. But sometimes I was alone in the house when he was punting up the sighs.

You know I do not believe in guns, but in some areas in U.S. it may be no other way. But don't you think if she had stun gun or pepper spray, it wouldn't do the job?

It depends on the situation about whether a stun gun or pepper spray would work. Sometimes the bad guys have guns so then unless you are close to them you're a sitting duck unless you also have a gun.

A gun is the best bet because it's the best weapon and usually just pulling it out will stop anyone cold because they know it's lethal. The incidents of guns saving lives is just amazing, it happens all the time all over the country everyday.

Many of them are home invasions which are increasing. But in home invasions the criminals almost always have guns so the only way to stop them is with guns. I hate that it has come to this but it has.

Guns are completely defensive for the home owner, that's what people don't understand.

Law abiding citizens are not buying guns to go shoot someone, it is only in case they have to protect themselves or loved ones and that is why the overwhelming percentage of gun owners never have to use them.

But I sincerely wish that guns were not necessary. But in this country, even if there was no crime, guns would be necessary because the citizenry must be armed to keep the government in check, that's why the Constitution has the 2nd Amendment and that is the purpose of it, to be a check on the federal government in case it becomes an out of control dictatorship.

As far as her particular situation, sometimes stun guns don't work on people, it just infuriates them. Mrs J. sees that at work quite often, sometimes they use the stun gun on someone over and over and they keep coming!

And sometimes pepper spray misses or only partially works.

I see! It truly is sad that the situation is so grim. I am glad I live in Canada! Altough, we are not totally crime free, but it's far from what is going on in U.S.

Howdy again Miss Lena! Well, crime is down in most areas here and most areas are very safe. However, certain professions like Real Estate is more dangerous than ever.

In rural areas there has always been a danger of attacks or theft because thieves see an opportunity and a vulnerable, isolated target. (heaven help them if they try our place)But Realtors are very tempting to evil men because they are alone much of the time.

I'm sure they'll have to start doing their job with armed guards.

There was some theft here too few years back when I was helping with open houses, but it was sort of like a shoplifting, lol. Luckily nothing was stolen under my watch!

And if you caught someone stealing you would jump on them and beat them to a pulp?

I would call the cops silly, lol.

So you would just let the guy get away with it? It takes the cops forever to get here, at least in most places in the States. I thought you'd be so mad that you'd jump on him and claw his eyes out!

Wow! Almost sounds like you guys are here in Africa Sir @janton.
Just goes to show that nowhere is safe anymore.
That lady is certainly a lucky girl.

Howdy today sir papilloncharity! Well most areas of the country are very safe with low crime rates but there is a sickness with men wanting to kidnap women so certain professions like Realtors are more dangerous than ever.

I'm sure it will become standard operating procedure to have armed guards go with them in the near future.

The trick is to start a self defense academy for realtors and woman in other professions Sir @janton.
To make them aware of the dangers and how to react.
That lady was totally unprepared for the spray.
Would have been even worse if the guy had a gun.

  ·  last month (edited)

I agree sir papilloncharity and I'm sure it will be standard to never let Realtors show houses by themselves in the near future. I'm sure the big brokers will furnish guards too. But yes this lady was very lucky.

Agreed Sir @janton and it was certainly a wake up call!

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Good for her and I am glad they caught him! I agree that permits to carry do save lives and if things like this were shown in the media every single time this happens, people might, just might wake up from their deep sleep and realize it too. I am happy to hear that nothing like this happened to Mrs. J.

Well I agree with everything you said of course because great minds think alike. lol..and as far as Mrs. J...her situation was a little bit unique because God totally called her into the profession and anointed her so she never had any worries because she knew she had total protection and she was in some really bad neighborhoods alot!

We did use common sense though and if it was a man that she didn't know or wasn't familiar with and no one knew him, I would take her and wait in the car just to be sure. But 12 years of dealing with hundreds of people, ex drug lords and you name it, she never had the slightest scare.

You do need to have common sense, no matter how much protection you have. I am glad you went with her at times. I think that realtors need to show houses in pairs at least. Praise be to God for watching over Mrs. J and keeping her safe.
Back in the day, I was a commercial bank teller and I only got robbed once, personally. But these days, you couldn't pay me enough to work at a bank.

Oh how interesting, did the bank robber have a gun? What was that like?

He never showed a gun but showed that it was in his pocket. Maybe he was pretending. It was terrifying! When I was a drive-thru teller, I saw a guy get axed to death being robbed after leaving the bank and had nightmares from that one. It is something that you never forget.

What? oh my gosh, that is horrible! Yeah that is the thing of nightmares! I'm sorry you had to see that. I hope they caught the murderer.