Meek Predators do not Survive

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A sequel of 'Awakening the Animal' ( ) - not for the squeamish.

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“You are how old, Stefano? Thirty seven?” He nodded. “And you have two daughters and a son. You do not think it is time you grow up to become a man?”

He smiled. “I am not a man?”

“Not until you begin to worry about the future of your children.” She betrayed a slight nervousness by fiddling with a glacé marron. “To see the future, it is important you know the past. You have heard me quote Selwyn Raab, who said, the word Mafia came from a Sicilian-Arabic slang expression that means ‘acting as a protector against the arrogance of the powerful’. You have played at being a gangster, like those stupid American films you enjoy and I made patience, for it strengthened you and provided you with the experience, weapons and influence you will need to save our people from the treason of the powerful. Stefano, it is almost too late, either you become a man now, or you condemn your children and their children, if they are allowed to have any.”

“You are speaking of the Arabs and African Moslems invading our country?”

“No! They are only the result of the treasonous behaviour of our leaders, they are not the cause. We must rid our country of the traitors, but to do so effectively, we must first rid ourselves of these locusts that have come to destroy us and to stand as an army of the traitors. Only then will the people lose their fear and stand by us as we deliver them from the traitors in the government.”

“You ask too much of me, grandmama, I am no warrior, nor a politician.”

“You see it as too big for you because you do not know how to think like a soldier of Man and God. We are being betrayed by our government and the Pope - and so you see them and their allies as being too powerful for you. A soldier is the same as a farmer, he first looks for what he wants to farm, then he takes care of it by dealing with the details, one at a time. You first clear the land, then you plow and only then do you plant.”

He gestured, showing her his hands. “I do not know how…”

“I do.” She paused, picked up a marron, but placed it back in the bowl as she continued. “I will be the unseen general -and none must know of it, they must always see you as their leader. The first step is to buy many boats, those cheap ones filled with air. Then explosives and guns. Your men must be talked to and inspired so that they do exactly as you order. At first, choose those who have children, for they have a strong reason…once you convince them of the danger.” She smiled. “Stefano, you have enjoyed being a gangster; but now I think you will enjoy being a protector far more.” She picked up a marron and popped the entire fruit in her mouth, smiling at her thoughts as she chewed, giving him a short time to understand he does not have an option and must do as she has seen he must.

“What about Rogero? I think I must keep him out of this, I do not trust him.”

“You taught him to fear; that was easy. If you are a true leader, then you can teach him to dream. His coldness will make the enemy fear us more than your smiles do.” He laughed, they made plans for the first steps to be taken and he walked out to start the ‘Great Recovery’, which is the title he used to grow his support among patriots.

Preparing, stocking up on all they will need and time needed for inspiring his men, took him nearly two months. Their first raid rid Italy of 170 Moslems. They were chosen from the mainland, for it would not be wise to direct attention to Sicily. It was planned carefully, for the explosions of the boat had to occur without other eyes to see. As long as those being sent back to Africa believed it is where they are being sent, they would not fight fanatically, for they knew there would be other boats to return them to Europe.

After the first boatload, Stefano was not surprised when Rogero insisted he manage the clean up operations at sea, for he became fanatical about not allowing any traces to survive. He would examine the place of the explosion and whatever floated was collected and placed in a net attached to a weight and thrown back into the sea.

Grandmama Pia cautioned Stefano, “Over the last month we have rid ourselves of over seven hundred, but the traitors have paid for the arrival of another thousand two hundred. Do not let it discourage you, at least we have slowed down the increase and soon we will tip the balance in our favour - and the day will come when we can concentrate on our true enemies, the traitors among our government leaders.” She grinned and picked up a marron and biting into it, she asked him, “So, do you now begin to feel like a man, a patriot and a father? Can you begin to hope that your daughter will not be raped by Moslems and your sons not enslaved and castrated?”

“As always, you were right.”

“I have spoken to our family in America. We will send all the children of our family, even those of your cousins, to grow up there, far from the blows that will be directed at us once government agents understand who is responsible for spoiling the plans of the traitors. We must also send enough money for each to start a small business and own an apartment of their own, just in case things go wrong for us and we cannot bring them back.” Stefano felt a tenseness he had not been aware of flow out of him and he was filled with love for his clever grandmama who always plans to keep her family safe. The loss of his own life did not worry him - and it surprised him. He had not realised he had grown into the values of his ancestors and become a man. Grandmama’s eyes stared at him and he could have sworn she was looking all the way into his soul and she approved.

She ended off their meeting with, “It is a sickness of our time, for when the world learns of what is being done by us, those very ones who are the intended victims will ignore that which the Moslems themselves tell us they plan for us and our children, and condemn us as monsters. If we have helped secure a cure, then the future will see the truth and consider you a hero. Stefano, either, monster or hero, is far better than being a pitiful victim.”

Written: 11th September, 2020

PS: if you find the history of the mafia interesting, here is a good link for some historical information: