1 Million SPORTS burned in BBL Burn & Earn initiative

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A big thank you to everyone who supported this initiative over the past couple of months. When I set out, I was sure I could burn 500K SPORTS but with the level of interest, that estimate quickly changed to 1million SPORTS which I'm happy to report that we reached. The contest has also distributed in excess of a million tokens in winnings to those who took part.

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The full list of burns and winners can be found below, all of which can be verified on the blockchain

GameBurnWinner(s)SPORTS won
Heat v Thunder26821[beneficiary=@haseez]15733.743
Sixers v Scorchers22222[beneficiary=@haseez]26310.766
Renegades v Thunder22935[beneficiary=@motu1]13144.682
Heat v Stars21226[beneficiary=@sparkesy43]49357.933
Scorchers v Renegades20935[beneficiary=@rabeel]21154.84
Sixers v Heat23486[beneficiary=@jersteemit]32786.358
Strikers v Scorchers22262[beneficiary=@drlobes]34671.994
Hurricanes v Renegades25538[beneficiary=@jersteemit]27851.18
Scorchers v Sixers22487[beneficiary=@sparkesy43]27115.141
Stars v Strikers26581[beneficiary=@haseez]35550.335
Thunder v Sixers26539[beneficiary=@sparkesy43]30735.932
Renegades v Strikers23484[beneficiary=@ramonrene]27961.801
Hurricanes v Stars21543x225260.666
Strikers v Thunder24961[beneficiary=@haseez]26644.822
Heat v Scorchers22309[beneficiary=@rabeel]11052.296
Renegades v Sixers21489[beneficiary=@sparkesy43]36082.897
Hurricanes v Heat24923[beneficiary=@motu1]32571.822
Stars v Renegades27057[beneficiary=@jersteemit]12959.51
Sixers v Strikers26233[beneficiary=@motu1]33743.073
Renegades v Scorchers21215[beneficiary=@motu1]33793.939
Stars v Thunder25380x327236.883
Heat v Hurricanes23768[beneficiary=@dazainfa]24168.576
Renegades v Stars23789[beneficiary=@rabeel]28388.517
Scorchers v Heat23133[beneficiary=@motu1]27069.968
Stars v Sixers27946[beneficiary=@motu1]11919.69
Hurricanes v Scorchers25282[beneficiary=@haseez]12245.038
Scorchers v Stars24894[beneficiary=@svarogbg]10252.483
Sixers v Hurricanes22084[beneficiary=@svarogbg]31771.67
Strikers v Heat23325[beneficiary=@dazainfa]13735.206
Thunder v Sixers23648[beneficiary=@rabeel]11544.876
Heat v Renegdes24491[beneficiary=@rabeel]27800.006
Scorchers v Thunder26317[beneficiary=@sparkesy43]23024.414
Renegades v Hurricanes26748[beneficiary=@motu1]36433.174
Strikers v Stars24667[beneficiary=@lostprophet]25367.834
Heat v Sixers28284[beneficiary=@dazainfa]19857.199
Scorchers v Strikers26398[beneficiary=@saswat036]7647.068
Stars v Heat27946[beneficiary=@deniskj]6923.444
Strikers v Hurricanes26821[beneficiary=@rabeel4sports]63870.929
Renegades v Heat29517[beneficiary=@joemark]35226.43
Hurricanes v Thunder25763[beneficiary=@motu1]19731.649
Stars v Sixers26551[beneficiary=@dazainfa]???
Strikers v Thunder29625[beneficiary=@jersteemit]48202.318
Stars v Thunder29115[beneficiary=@rabeel4sports]???
Sixers v Stars29811[beneficiary=@dazainfa]???

You'll notice that there are still 3 rewards outstanding. The final payout should be made this evening but unfortunately, the other 2 are yet to be completed due to an ongoing technical issue with the @null / @sportspromo account. If the devs are unable to fix it then I will transfer funds in compensation to the accounts in question.

What's next?

Well the IPL starts at the end of March so I'll definitely run something for the world's biggest T20 franchise competition. I have a few ideas about what that will be, it'll almost certainly be something different from the BBL contest. Of course if the issues with the general burn and earn initiative aren't resolved by then it that will limit what I can do in regards actually removing SPORTS from circulation while simultaneously rewarding those who take part.

I'm also thinking of running an IPL fantasy league where points scored are rewarded with SPORTS. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in taking part in such a contest.


ya, it was a very good, even for us. Am happy to see my names in the list. Hopefully you ll carry the same thing for IPL too.

I’ll run a fantasy league for IPL if you’re interested

Sure sir, I would love to play that fantasy game...

I'd be interested in at least having a look at what you propose for the IPL - be it Fantasy League or otherwise

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If it's fantasy league I was thinking of offering 1SPORT per point scored (An average score per game week is 500 points) + a weekly prize for the top 3 scores which could either be paid via the current @null / @sportspromo method or otherwise via Ufmlotto tickets + a bigger prize for the top 3 scores at the end of the season

I believe the @ufmlotto will cease accepting SPORTS for entries soon, so that may return the Burn & Earn promo to pre-lotto levels.

Sports are realy getting on the track since it was open..great work to all sportstalksocial creators.

That's great you achieved your target successfully to burn 1Million Sports. I really enjoyed participating in your whole contests. I am always sports lover, So i have no issue what you designed for us in your next because i am ready to join and waiting. IPL is also a fantastic cricket event starting on 29 March, but you can also look on PSL which started on 20 February. Any way i am thankful to you for such contests. best wishes.

I think I need a bit of break after the BBL + it's difficult to find a reliable stream to watch the PSL on in England as none of the major broadcasters here show the tournament. Looking forward to you joining in with the IPL events, thanks for your continued support

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