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RE: Tickets secured to watch my childhood heroes next year and it's NOT England

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We may not see someone like Curtly Ambrose, again in future. Though we have seen many fast bowler like Lee, McGrath, Shoib Akhtar who can really bowl with over 150Km/H, still Ambrose would be at top.

And again you have said it right, West indians are really the hero there. If you remember last ipl, then Andre russel had won many unexpected matches for kolkatta night riders.

Again Bravo, smith, pollard ..... all these west indians were very good at IPL and we love to see in the tournaments.

Also Gayle, though he is not consistent in IPL, but in his own day he can sweep the match from any opponents.


It’s just unfortunate that those players you’ve mentioned don’t have the same desire to play on the international stage