2020 the year that became the twilight zone

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As I stated I would keep you updated.
As things progress.

And first off I would like to state that not all of the pictures presented here are mine, but I did make the college and edits with the meme the twilight zone.

So with that said moving on.

Some quick bullet points to consider. 👇👇👇👇

*We have word that our family home still stands but we are unsure of the extent of the damage.

*So good too know our home stands at least but I can't say this for all of our neighbors.
It's a sad thing and this is not normal . . .

And to give a perspective of the severity and devastation, I would like to state

that this is in our history the worst fire season ever, on top of the twilight zone year that is 2020.

*A pyrocumulus cloud was formed by the creek fire that projected 50,000 ft in the air.
Usually created by a volcanic eruption.
*They create its own weather that has heat lightening and fire tornadoes and moisture from the burning trees that literally is raining ash.

*We live 2 hours away from the event and we literally can not see the sun, with temperatures that are reaching above 120 degrees in some areas of the state that is literally hotter than death valley one of the hottest places in the country.

*As of now over 2million acres are burning or burnt in California alone. A new modern day record.

And here is a collage of pictures from a reporter and some local neighbors who have returned today to report.

And it's not over...


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Scenery so beautiful _hard to now imagine it gone over night


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Something like a bad dream, all you see is now burnt it seems. Most of the town
is gone.
With more then 30+ structures burnt.

Some homes still stand but not sure the official damage report.

Won't know more till later today.

But word is from a firefighter friend and local neighbor, is that our families house still stands.
Hard to see how but happy to know.

As for the vehicles and other things still uncertain.

Beyond sad and emotional,

We wondering where the fire is now. As it's 78k acres +

With This year being officially the worst fire season in modern times.
Now apparently 2 million acres have burnt or burning in California alone.
With one of the first pyrocumulus clouds recorded from the creekfire, that created its own heat lightening and fire tornadoes and its own perception from the moisture being released from all the burning trees and ash rain.

Anyway I think I will go get a tan today. What do you think?

Oh yea where is the sun?

Ahhhh smell that fresh air....

We will heal rebuild and and regrow.

This we do know.


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Contemplating the hike and Beautiful creation


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What ever you do Marty do not go to 2020! 😛

Dang ain't that the truth bro. Got that twilight zone music in my head now. And now I want to watch back to the future.haha

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You know this fire is interesting. They are saying they wont be able to put it out until october 15th??? Oh shit dude wtf!!! There goes yosemite????

Im astonished by the lack of media coverage for all the cali fires. Especially this one.

Im sorry for what is happening to your community. I will be thinking and praying for you and all my cali friends.❤

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