Recycled Barista Apron, with the Steemit Logo!

in #creativity2 years ago

Dear Steemit colleagues, I will soon participate in a "Barismo Workshop", which is very much in vogue and it occurred to me to design my apron with a jean that was given to me; and to celebrate my 6 months on this prestigious platform, in homage and thanks, I combined the barismo logo with that of Steemit. SEE THE BEAUTIFUL RESULT!


  • I made it with very little material: A recycled jeans, white cloth, fabric paints, thread, scissors, sewing machine.


  1. I combined the logos, and then I drew them.
  2. I outlined and filled them using dark blue, light blue paint.
  3. I made a pocket in jeans.
  4. I cut the apron, put on decorative sewing.
  5. I made the braces on jeans and put them on.
  6. READY!

¡Here I show you, the original that my friends left me!

The photos are my property taken with my Blu Advance L4 A350a Dual Sim Quad Core cell phone





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Hi @yiobri! This diy upcycled apron is so cute! Clever of you to use the Steem logo! It looks great on you :D

Thanks for sharing the process of your work this week ~

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Wonderful apron! You are well done!!!