Hand made toy contest

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I had put up a contest earlier but it had ended with no entries except for one after the time was up.

I do want it to be a fun contest and since it goes with the season, you can gift the toy you made to a child you love.

The prize money is not huge and so I hope you will bear with me but if you like, you can use the tribe tags and get votes from the respective tribes which will be a bonus.

So, here goes

Make your own toy


  • vote this post
  • resteem it
  • submit an original entry with your own pictures
  • no limitations on materials used
  • no limit to entries
  • link your post in the comment section
  • link this post in your entry post


1st Prize
100 neoxag and 3 steem

2nd prize
50 neoxag and 2 steem

3rd prize
25 neoxag and 0.50 steem

Please make sure to include the tribe tags of creativecoin and neoxian

The last date for submitting entries is 17th December 2019.


@crosheille has kindly consented to judge the entries

creative coin discord invite https://discord.gg/wDR7zGM

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A good initiative. I participate with "Maléfica".

Adorable !

Thank you very much. Good vibes!


@sayee couldn't participate earlier. But will try this one for sure.

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Thanks, looking forward to your entries

Very cool contest! Excellent idea!!! 😁

Thank you, Sir

I will enter this for sure, this is something I like to do xx

Looking forward to your entry.


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Thank you so much dear

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This is a great idea for a contest! I hope you get some great entries!

Thank you dear

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This could also be a good one for the @needleworkmonday community, run by @crosheille.

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Hi, here is my entry for this contest :)

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final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

Love this idea for a contest! Just wish it were longer! I would love to see it running for a month - especially over the holidays when there is time to spend :) next time count me in! Upvoting to contribute :)