Declutter until reality becomes scarce enough to see your true self

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There is too much noise, too many things, too many obligations - and so little time - to see your true self and your true potential. Were you living under that agonizing claim that you can be whatever you want? Why are those people so sure, and if so, why they did not become whatever they wanted? See how one question pulls another, and how a conclusion is obvious - you can only be oneself, you can only be with yourself, and you can only be true to you, so why won't you? What holds you back?

Most of us go through the life by the law of the acquisition - we must have, we need to, we are obligated by... The more you look at it the more you realize that very dangerous line of the lies we all walk upon. Many people are forced into submission by very nature of their gratitude and goodness, isn't that sad? So, if you are such a grand provider of so many good things for others, should you not be even better to one person who truly depends only on you? And that is you?

You are making the obligation to others, but make it a fact it comes with the expectations, and the only important thing is the promise you gave to yourself by stepping into this life - that it will make a difference. This life, this reality, now, in a present moment has to see, needs to experience your true potential. Nothing and nobody is more important but that. Even your loved ones, they all have the separate paths, the separate souls and destiny to fulfill.

You can't achieve things you strive to become if you are chasing the white rabbits all the time. The tea party on the bottom of the rabbit hole everyone's singing love ballads to, is not worth all that hassle and game of luck.
The only thing that is left behind, is you dealing with some crazy characters. Life is not a dance floor, when you get off the podium there are no refreshments. And now you will still need to live in the present moment, with yourself.

First step to that all, and it comes really easy. Resolve yourself of a clutter and clean your surroundings while the personal space around you becomes so scarce with the real things so you can finally see a face of your true self.


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