Home For The Weekend, With Our Inspector


What To Do, On A Lazy Day, At Anchor?

I pointed to the screen on the helm of Blue's Dream, and told her, "There! That's our home for the weekend!" At first, looking at my finger touching the screen, then, she turned, and smiled. "I like the sound of that! Our Home!" Her arm, slowly tightening around my waist, out of the corner of me eyes, I saw her own eyes smiling, as well as her lips. "Our home..." repeated, barely a whisper this time.

"Ok, Little Miss, you know the drill, don your headset, and head on up forward!" She obeyed, with a mock salute, a warm grin and a giggle! She handed me my own headset, so we could chat, without yelling when we set our Rocna anchor.

Pretty soon, we stopped drifting, I called her on headset, told her, "OK to release" and I nodded thru the forward windscreen for good measure. She released the anchor catch as I had shown her, and I reached for the anchor windlass controls. Once enough chain was out for the anchor to hit depth, I slowly engaged engines and backed Blue's Dream a few hundred feet. Feeling the Anchor catch and set, I knew we were in good. I shut down the engine, and set our boat for At Anchor to make sure the Anchor alarm was engaged. Adjusted a few electrical breakers, set the GPS for Anchor Watch, and sighed a little relief. Our Home, indeed!

After a brief lunch, we decided on some sun on the foredeck. A little tanning in our future... she announced, "I'll be right back, don't go anywhere!" I nodded seriously, even knowing she was kidding me. The sun pad in place up front, I made a large pitcher of lemonade, and sliced some fresh melon for snacking while out in the sun.

I might have drifted off a bit, lying in the sun, when I heard her ask, "Room for one more?" Opening my eyes, slowly, I saw her, standing between me and the sun, her body silhouetted nicely, vaguely visible, beneath the white sheer coverup she wore. A slow roll to my side, and she had plenty of space. Didn't matter, she made herself comfortable as close to me as my own shadow. I felt the heat rise, her body so close to my own.

She reached into the pitcher of lemonade, and grabbed an ice cube, ran it slowly over her lips. "Mmmm... refreshing." I stared, knowing her game, seeing her in action again. "...want some?" I nod at her once, slowly, and smile. She grabbed another cube, and traced it along my own lower lip, to the corner of my mouth and back across the upper. "Good?" Again, I nod once. "... a little more?"
"...please" my answer a quiet whisper.

Her fingers traced along my jaw, ice in between. A shiver, involuntarily shook me, and she grinned a Cheshire Cat grin. "Here, let me, " her warm lips kissed along behind the icy cube, along my neck. She followed each inch of the ice cube, with her lips, open, soft, and warm. Big, soft, open-mouthed kisses, tracing down my neck and across my collar bone. As the ice ran over my chest, I could feel myself reacting, lower. Her hot mouth on my skin a sharp contract to the chill between her fingers. First painfully cold, then soft, hot lips, slowly moving across me, and down my abdomen.

Lower, the painful freeze, and Lower, she kissed, until I couldn't take it any longer! Grabbing her, I rolled us both, her underneath me, smiling up, hungry, about to feast. I slipped my hand behind her head, and bent to kiss her. As I closed on her mouth, I hovered, a mere breadths-width above. Her eyes closed, head tilted slightly, and lips parted "Not yet, Miss!" I grabbed my own ice, this time.

I held both of her hands above her head. She slipped them under the towel, above us. Eyes closed. Head tilted aback in anticipation, face almost under the towel, too.

I played the game, well, too! A little ice, along soft, warm lips, and then, my lips would grab and heat hers. Ice on her long neck, as I followed, lips, open, warm, and caressing her skin. I took the now, tiny sliver of ice, between my teeth, and barely let it skim over her own collarbone. Warm breath, the only respite from the chill. Finally, my hand behind head, I lowered my fingers, found the knot at the back of her neck and slipped her bikini top free. her eyes popped open. "Shhhhh..." I whispered in her ear. She relaxed, closing her eyes slowly, smiling.

A fresh cube pinched between my fingers, traced lightly along her breast. As soon as she felt it, her head tilted to the side, SHARP breath inward, through her teeth. The ice, first around the edges, then, finally, at that top of her areola. As soon as the ice left, my mouth close behind, heat of my big, soft open-mouthed kiss followed.

My lips, ever sensitive, I could feel the pebbled hardness, caused by the ice. Each trace of ice, followed by the heat of my kisses. It might have been only a few minutes or an hour on her breast, but I do know, I kissed lower and lower still, tracing my way down her body, lower, until I could taste her.

My face, so close, my only job today, inspector of all her beauty. I cooled and kissed, each tiny goosebump, each little fine hair, each tasty part of her. Inch by inch, tracing and skimming along her skin, first ice, followed by my mouth, lastly, ice long melted, pausing lower, only soft kisses until finally, I could hear her sounds echoing off the mountains of our little anchorage.

This post is an entry into MarianneWest's 5 Minute Freewrite!
I feel I cheated somewhat, as I went well over the 5 Minute... but,
I adhere to the spirit... sit down and write. Let it flow.
Anyone can enter, check out her link and Let your inner creative self WRITE!

The Image Is From Pexels!

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This post is an entry into MarianneWest's 5 Minute Freewrite!
I feel I cheated somewhat, as I went well over the 5 Minute... but,
I adhere to the spirit... sit down and write. Let it flow.
Anyone can enter, check out her link and Let your inner creative self WRITE!

Always, I strive to give back

To the animals and birds around me

to put more plants in than I take out

And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios unless specified.
Story first published by me, on On Uptrennd




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