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RE: I Can Do What I WANT, Damn You!

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It wasn't long for my hand to slip underneath the shirt, and cup the round, soft curves of her behind. I helped guide her body, back and forth across my thighs, as she ground harder and harder onto me. She was close, closer still, until finally, I pushed my mouth to her ear and commanded, "Go ahead. Now!"
These lines were so intense haha! I really enjoyed the story! I'm looking upto read more haha! Nice Write up sir! It's indeed learning for me. Coz I always try to make my stories or content in a better professional way. But I fail coz English is not my mother tong. So, I learn from you and other story writers. So, that I can improve my self! Nice one!


Many thanks, Badar!
I can't wait to see your work. I have enjoyed seeing how much your writing has developed.