Open your eyes, wolf - A curious story

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“With this slight change in your attention you will be able to realize that there is an inner presence, a force that always lives the experiences. This is the soul or unrestricted intelligence, and its experience takes place on the virtual level.”

Deepak Chopra

Open your eyes, wolf

-I think we're lost-he mumbled between his teeth.

-Walk, don't be afraid! Fear is a bad baton in the dark, if you trust your instinct, there will always be a light.

-A bright light? It's too dark in here. I don't know where I've been for a while.

-Have you fallen?

-No, but I won't be long. I need something to enlighten me.

-The guide is there, you've always had him at your disposal, you've never been more accompanied than you are now, but you refuse to believe it, even though I carry you by the arm - I told him, as a security resource.-Surrender to the clarity you fear! Do not add more darkness to your struggle, the wolf you feed the most will be your ally. If you undress from your higher self, it will be so hungry that it will attack anything that moves. Keep walking!

-I feel like I've been circling for hours, I'm tired, I don't think we'll find a way out. Why do you trust that dog so much? I think he's more lost than we are.

-What dog?

-That dog in front of me from the beginning.

-How do you know it's a dog?

-I don't know... I only know. But, I thought you also knew that he was pointing the way.

-No. You didn't tell me. But then you're not alone, as you thought. You've had a guide, but you don't trust him, it seems. The animals have maintained the purity that we have lost. They maintain a more direct connection with nature. It is not lost, it must know what you need, it is your dog.

-It's not my dog. He just walks in front of me and sometimes turns and looks at me, like to ask for help or an order.

-Then give him the order.

-What order? I don't know that dog, I thought it was yours.

-It's not my dog, it's your dog. Only you can see it. There's no one else there... Is that so? Stop. Take a good look. What's around you?

-I don't see anything! It's like I'm blind! - It screamed, scared.

-Calm down...And the dog?

-I feel it close... He's panting.

-Order him to look for your light... And trust. A totem wolf is an image that remembers the importance of personal freedom and is an archetype of our collective unconscious.

-Are you saying that all the time I have been lost in this darkness has been because of my own lack of light?

-We all have light and darkness within us. When you are induced to penetrate into yourself, you will see or not see, according to your growth and the emotions that dominate your being. If you are afraid, that negative emotion can slide you, in a free fall that will be mind-blowing up to panic or slow and contained, if you become conscious, you breathe deeply and seek to fill that sense of emptiness that frightens you and makes you feel lost.

-My God! So, I'm inside me and that's what happened to me? And... Where are you? Now I notice that I only hear you and I haven't seen you. Do you exist? - the question, seemed for him, more than for another person.

-Of course I exist! Only that I'm outside and you're inside.

-Then, if I have been alone, as I feared.

-You've never been alone. You have yourself. You were absent, but determined to find an answer because you sought help. You have work ahead of you. Today, at least you discovered that you are a being worthy of love, that you are not alone. You have an inner guide, you visualize it, you gave it an image, you perceived it close. You prowled in the dark, because you have neglected your light.

-And you? I still do not know who you are.

-Yes, you know who I am, but you forgot because of the depth of the state in which you entered. You will see me. Stay relaxed and wake up to the count of:
1...2...3. Open your eyes!


By Zeleira Cordero @zeleiracordero.



The images are from Pixabay CC0 Creative Commons:
Mammal by mordilla-net
Man by muratkalenderoglu

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Interesante ejercicio sobre la virtualidad del alma, @zeleiacordero. El alma nos hace reír y que nos hace llorar, nos da esperanza y nos asusta. Un otro yo fantástico, virtual, en el sentido de que es tan necesario que exista y virtual porque no la vemos.
Me encantó la sorpresa que produce el contraste entre las dos imágenes. Te sigo leyendo, un abrazo

Interesting exercise on the virtuality of the soul, @zeleiacordero. The soul makes us laugh and that makes us cry, gives us hope and frightens us. Another fantastic me, virtual, in the sense that it is so necessary that it exists and virtual because we don't see it.
I loved the surprise produced by the contrast between the two images.

Thank you for the keen insight into history. Coming from you, it is a compliment that honors me. A hug back, @gracielaacevedo.

Gracias por la penetración acuciosa en la historia. Viniendo de ti, es un cumplido que me honra. Un abrazo de vuelta, @gracielaacevedo.

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Intriguing philosophical revelation

I hope it was to your liking, @momzillanc. If it intrigued you, at least it moved something inside you. Thanks for reading, dear.

You're welcome.

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Thank you, @shuvo35!

The darkness is my own light, shadowed by me and usually because I have my eyes closed. There is always light.

I really enjoyed this exploration of the wolf as totem, as guide, as spirit.

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