Me and Juliet while Romeo Was Working

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Yesterday I was in Verone, Italy that for whom of you doesn't know... is the home city of Romeo and Juliet.

One of the thing to do is to go and walk into the beautiful city.. passing close the Arena that is a slightly smaller than the Colosseum and then going into the castle... some lovely squares, bridges... etc etc

It is a very cool city I have to say and yesterday I did a walk and today I have decided to write a post about few of the things I have seen. One compulsory pit stop was to see Juliet's balcony and her statue... and to get a bit of luck... we need to touch her boob like I am doing in the photo :)

I have no idea if it will bring me good luck or not... the only think I know is that last night I went to a club and I was in the middle of a fight and I didn't meet any girl. LOL.

I will keep you updated in case something different happen :)

Have you ever been to Verone? What is the nicest thing you would like to share with me? Please comment below.

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hahahaha I have a picture with Juliet but not so daring I took her by the waist, Verona is beautiful, could you write on the canvases placed at the entrance?

hey you could touch her :) everyone else does it therefore she wouldn't mind :)

The entrance was covered and I think there is a refurbishing in place.

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Buena fotografia!

muchas gracias carlos :)

I bet you are the only one who did that. 😎

no no everyone did it. It is a way to wish good luck in love. :)

Good luck to you then. :-)

thanks a lot buddy :)

You're welcome

Verona is a beautiful city

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si Stefano come darti torto. Verona e' veramente una bella citta'!

Sono stato a Verona tipo 15 anni fa e ci ho passato un capodanno qualche anno fa ... naturalmente sono stato a trovare Romeo e Giulietta, ma non mi ricordavo stesse anche con te...🤣
l'Arena di Verona é fantastica, la cosa che più mi è rimasta impressa!😃

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heyyy allora si son d'accordo con te, Verona e' veramente figa! Per quanto riguarda Giulietta... magari era con te quando l'hai visitata... ma di sicuro questa volta non ha saputo resistere al mio fascino!

Ahahahaahahahah! Può essere, gnocca é gnocca...un po' meretrice forse ma d'altronde...😆

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ahahaha che vuoi farci :D al giorn d'oggi nessun e' perfetto!

In effetti..anche se pensavo di esserlo ma mi hai smontato la mia illusione...😆