Fanart: Leaf Umbrella + Creary Account

in #creativecoinlast year

Wouldn't really say this is a fanart but like... a hashtag/event thing I don't know it's like 3am, I have a flight later in the day, my brain is blanking out a bit ahah RIPcoughs I mean-

Uhh, heyyo making this post before I have to go on a trip to attend a family friend's wedding! Bad timing because I have a friend's bday coming up and I'm scared I won't be able to finish their gift on time because of this aaahhh

I recently made a drawing for @eddiespino 's dtiys! For those who don't know what that is, it's an abbreviation for "Draw this in your style" where an artist'll give a pic for you to draw based on. It's a hashtag challenge thing that you'll also see a lot over on instagram/twitter/etc. You don't necessarily have to follow the pic you're given to a Thiiba dum tss and could add your own spin on it. So yeah I gave it a go! I think this is my 3rd time doing a draw in your style thing. If you're curious on the previous times I did this thing you can find my first time doing a dtiys on my twitter and second on whaleshares

The dtiys of this post specifically can be found on my instagram

There's also a Creary post for this that you can find here

Might as well say it here instead of making a seperate post to make it convenient for myself. Yep that's right I made a Creary account! It has the same username as this account. I was contemplating on making it for a while but well...okay, I prefer when at least one friend joins a platform I'm not familiar with so that I'm not like alone tear Apparently @rainite was on it and when I was I asked if I should join the place he said I should go for it and I did(after several delays since I had arts I wanted to finish first before making an account(you're probably busy an all but rain where are youu I finally made the account//no)

So here's the original pic that I based my dtiys drawing from

You can find their post on their insta and/or their creary

If you want, give their dtiys a go at it yourself if you want~ There's no deadline or anything and it's just a fun thing to do~ The character's also adorable!(Also eddiespino right now Creary seems to not like my internet or something so I can't load pages if I were to click on a "project" so I can't reply to your comment on creary I'm very sorry)

Okay now for the progress shots for my ver!

And it is done! Colours ended up differently that I intended but I like the minty-ness of it~ If anyone on steemit has their own dtiys please let me know! I might try to take part in yours too when I can

Also this dtiys is my second post on Creary! My first post is of that rosey Ziya art! It still has a couple of days till payout so if you want you can..."heart" it? I don't really know the terms they'd use over there

You can find the post here

Huu for steemit and whaleshares I made an intro post where I'd doodle myself with a plate of cookies but I'm not sure if I should do that with Creary since it feels like I should upload more polished art sweats Should I still do it?

Ahh well that's it for the post! Should really go to sleep now djfdkgjk Thanks for checking out my post and goodnight~


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Thank you again for participating and for posting it here. We share account but her official Steem blog is @grisvisa. It is not active right now but you can check some of the drawings she has done.

No problem! And ohh I see! I hope she'll be active again soon I'd love to see more of her art here~

I think will post her drawings on this account, it's not impossible to manage two accounts but I prefer to be minimalistic and keep all the posts in just one account.

Ahh okay okay! Mm it is more convenient to post on just one account

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Great work!

I really like the style. Feels very clean, fresh, and fun!

Thank you so much! It's minty fresh//no


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Thank you and thank you scrawly~ And ooh pancakes!

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Sooo cute :)

Thank you!

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Seen a few of these floating around, always interesting to see other people's spins on things :)

How are you finding Creary?

Ooh as in peeps doing other peeps' dtiys or having a dtiys of their own? But mm! It's nice to see what they do with theirs~

Hmm..a little lonely I don't really know anyone there fkdgjkdf(except for maybe Rain but he doesn't seem to be online lately) I don't even know how I was able to make friends here

Both XD one of the people I watch on dA likes busting them out every now and again but usually I only see his drawings of other people's characters.

Starting out somewhere where you know no one can be a bit roadblocky XD I don't know how they organise stuff but just trawl tags/categories/groups you like and comment on things that you like. You'll get there eventually.

Or maybe you won't and that's also fine, depends on whether you want to spend whatever time you consider sufficient as giving it a red hot crack :) I'm also on Hyperspace and Narrative and not really feeling either of them XD

Very cute fanart... :)
Feel free to use #marlians on your post... I'd be glad to curate #anime + #marlians posts... :)
Have fun! (^_^)v

Thank you so much! And ooh, I'll try to add that tag for my next post!

You're welcome... ^^ Thank you! :) Enjoy! (^_^)v