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RE: Illuminati?? - Original Text by Ravenking

in #creativecoinlast year

Is that a picture of your own tattoo?


@rok-sivante yes it is :p

Sorry for the late reply haven't been on much last 2 weeks!
(for some reason it doesn't seem to want to upvote your post...)

Sweet. I was actually nearly inspired to get a similar design when seeing it. Been a while since that happened! Really cool combo with the infinity symbol next to it. 😎

If by “your post,” you mean my comment, that’d be because it’s older than 7 days. :-)

Haha thanks :D It's one of my oldest and my 2 favorites, got it intuitively since both were symbols with which I had my first ever intense experiences with synchronicities which led me through the rabbit hole I have been travelling through ever since. As time passed their meaning revealing itself more and more, they feel like magical talismans almost today instead of just a tattoo :p

That makes sense, I am rusty in terms of the functioning of steemit nowadays. thanks for clearing that up :p