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RE: Your thumbnails suck!

in #creativecoin2 years ago

Did mine suck too this week? Mortally wounded. Good advice. Better title. Come on peepz, up your thumbnail game! Love it. Sending you 10 steem to add to kitty for next week as tempter.

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Wohoo! Thank you for the donation for the next prize pool!

Yours didn’t suck at all, but I wanted to refrain from picking thumbnails of those who had already been picked before :)

thanks so much again!!! :D

Ha I know, just kidding. Dont expect to be selected two weeks in a row lol.

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Well I'm going to be frank, I had one of yours selected for this week, but you bribed, I mean, added 10 steem to the prize pool, and now I am in a difficult position, hahahhaa

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