You cannot please everyone!

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Through the process of growing up , we get introduced to another world where only studies, food and sleep doesn't reside, which used to be earlier but now, one have to consider relationships with people around and maintain them. Not always every single person you care about will understand which is a bitter truth one needs to accept.

Digging deep into today's subject , most of you all will agree on this point that not everyone with be pleased by you, But is it important? no! But sometimes yes! this dilemma has ruined so much lives for real. For pleasing society many people had opt for worse options in their life. which is unfortunately true.

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It has been proven that it is true situation for each one of us, but how can we get off from this dilemma or I can say a 'reality'.
I guess by accepting the fact that one can't please everyone and another by being truthful and wise to oneself which will automatically lead to the solution. definitely solutions varies from person to person.
Are there any other solutions, I would love to read!


Eventualy its a question of our core values vs. Limitations and demands if the external world. From my point of view one should be acting based on core values whenever possible. There would be times when this will not be possible and compromises needed to be made.

In my eyes the definition of a free man is a man who is free to act upon his core values and is subject to very little limitations.

A good man is a man that has positive core values.

If a man is both good and free, he is a great man!

Same goes for women.

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That's what I meant, being truthful to oneself and act based on core values.
Thanks for attention, keep flourishing.

That is very true,I agree on your perspective. Such topics are hardly highlighted these days, thanks for giving it such a limelight.
Great work.

Thankyou so much.

It's a hard process which needs some time, but to lose your fear of man is the solution and necessary, anyway I made this experience because I was obliged to do this.

Proverbs 29:25 The fear of man brings a snare,
But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be [a]safe.