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RE: **ACTOR DIARIES** We made the LONGLIST for best British short! With Paul Is Dead :)

in #creativecoinlast year

That's excellent Basil. Congratulations!


hey thanks Pennsif! Pretty cool hey?

Neat, any new projects like this lined up at present?

ive been helping produce something just recently but I had to turn down an acting role in it because Ive had damaged vocal chords all year :( Thats why I havn't really been vlogging or singing on steemit lately....Im just not in a fit state to perform!

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the vocal chords.

Any parts going for films about Marcel Marceau 😀

hehe. very funny. Im actually starting a career in semaphore

Is that a real job or just a lot of arm waving...

Ive got to get some attention somehow! ;p

As long as you don't get flagged you will be okay...

I think it may run out of steem very soon...