Deranged Photography Contest is back! Hope it flies as high as my entry!

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Another great photography contest returns! @derangedvisions is back with a weekly contest, and starts in beauty with one of my favourite themes: Animals! Be sure to check the original post and the rules here!

As usual, I'm joining in the Amateur tier. And yes, wild animal it is. I've featured this model in one of your past contests, but was saving this pose for a special ocasion, and the return of the weekly contest seems a very good reason to me!


I almost drove my friends to madness with all the time I took photographing this changeable hawk-eagle Nisaetus cirrhatus, in a national park in Sri Lanka. And looking back at the photos... totally worth it! It's not that common to be able to get this close, and be able to enjoy the show without the eagle flying away.


And yet, there she stood, vigilant, changing positions from time to time.



After a few minutes, we left, and she still stood on the same perch, scouting the horizon. The guide was probably thinking I was a bit mad, with all the elefants roaming around and me looking at the eagle... but for me, this was one of the best sightings in the whole trip!



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@pardinus, Those Expressions and Posture reflecting the level of Focus and the essence of Discipline of this creature. Stay blessed.

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She's beautiful, isn't she? Thanks for stopping by!

Absolutely. Welcome and have a pleasant time ahead. 🙂

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Thank you for the support @curie!

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Woow, amazing shots of even more amazing creature. How come he let you come so close? Or is it zoomed?

Thank you mate! This was taken in a National park, where jeep safaris are organized daily, so I'm guessing most animals got used to jeeps passing by and don't react as fearfully. That, and having a bridge camera with 50x optical zoom also helps! 😉 😉

Superb shots 🙌🙌

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Thank you!

hey dear @pardinus, great shots !! you have to be very patient for this kind of work, especially with certain animals. congratulations on your curie vote and thanks for letting me know about this fantastic contest ;-))

My pleasure and thanks for stopping by! Here I had a bit of patience... and also a ton of luck! 😉

@pardinus was at the right time and on the right day to make these big shots. The sky is a perfect contrast to the eagle hawk. Congratulations! Good luck in the contest

Thank you for the warm reply! Cheers!

Magnificent! 😘

Thank you! Now that I think of it, although being a contest entry, I missed the featheredfriends tag here!

But I found your wonderful birds anyway!😁

And I'm glad you did! ;)


You were right @pardinus. Your being able to capture this magnificant bird was worth the entire trip. Elephants, anytime. Look at the wingspan on her. The fact that she didn't fly away immediately tells me she's used to tourists admiring her majestic body in all its beauty. Even turning so you can get a better view. I know you enjoyed every pose.

Sometimes it's not the large elephant in the room (park) that attracts attention. This bird is a queen of her domain.

Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes it's not the large elephant in the room (park) that attracts attention. This bird is a queen of her domain.

Exactly my point. Thanks for stopping by!