When Angels Deserve to Die

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Slowing down seeing the cripples all on the floor, going downtown to spend cash which is the poor man's money. Buying simple things just a whore or two. Lonely as always having to pay for my company which will slash slash slash on the floor. Never before, had the whore gone through with all the tasks before she got the poor man's money. She yearns for it, yet I yearn for more.

Leaving my apartment door, I'm stuck alone forever more. Never to see the company I desire more so close to ending my life once more. My mind is sore, tired of all the pain. The anguish of being alone I'm not insane I'm just alone.

The beautiful thing before me I slash to bits and make her art. Time limits won't no longer tear us apart. The money I spent on her, wasn't so cheap but let's be clear. I really wanted a beautiful woman to hold close and dear. Now I made her mine, using cash, the poor man's money.

Too bad this angel deserved to die, but I needed her for eternity. I'm not gonna lie, it's all the same, with every single one of the whores. Knocking on my door, wanting more money. Sorry honey, but this is the last time, you'll be here and forever mine. You're trapped with me until the end of time. You are here to stay, away from all the prying eyes. Making you even more beautiful away from all the other prying eyes. You're mine forever and here to stay. Your dead beautiful body will never fray.

I'll keep you forever, as you are mine. It's a shame such an angel had to die.

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