What Steemit means to me [Poem Included]

If you're reading this, you're likely viewing it on some steemit frontend. Unless someone copied and pasted it to Medium or somewhere else, in which case forward me to it so I can file a proper DMCA against them.

Steemit for me isn't about making tons of money, it never has been and never will be. For me, it's about creating content, to write, to share, to meme, to post my art, my poetry, my feelings and my objections, to rant and to glorify, to embolden myself and for therapeutic trappings.

For others, Steemit may be about making money, investing or not, maybe you want to post as much as humanly possible so you can get as many rewards as you can. Maybe you see it is as a way to get out of poverty. It's just not those things for me.

Sure I do post memes on memestagram occasionally. However, the vast majority of what I post to the Steemit platform is videos, poetry and blogs. Things that I want to post, things that make me feel good for the most part. Even if it's a dank meme I found somewhere and just want to share it because it gave me a hyuck.

That's to beautiful thing about being able to post and be yourself. You don't have to really worry about judgement if you don't really care if you get upvotes or not. You're just free to post what you feel and want to out into the world for everyone to see regardless if they find it tasteful or not.

Even being able to just write, no video, no images, nothing like that, becomes an intense thing that is sort of becoming of you. On Steemit you can share your thoughts, hopes, dreams and even as far as your darkest nightmares, scariest thoughts, the most dreadful of things.

When you're a schizophrenic like myself, it becomes a way for me to also be able to allow folks to know what kind of hell we go through on a daily basis. Sharing with you my emotional state, my hallucinations that make the worst nightmares appear in reality, and share with you my thoughts on any given subject.

I read a lot of posts myself, not just writing and publishing my own stuff. I like to get to know a few of the others on the platform and if they post regularly stuff I might be interested in, I'll give them a follow. Though I notice from time to time, there's always someone that feels they're entitled to way more upvotes for the content they produce, and I understand.

It takes time, effort and devotion to make a good post, but what makes a quality post for one is a garbage post to another, not everyone is going to value the work you put in, though admittedly some will. It's not something to take harshly though. You can join groups or create your own.

Discord is a great resource for creating a group and finding others. I've found 3 groups so far that are filled with wonderful and very helpful people. These groups are Think Paradox, Palnet, Creative Coin and Operation Curation and Decentralization. Think Paradox is the group that I have personally founded, just like TokenPress is my own frontend.

Everyone starts out small, everyone's content starts out undervoted and everyone starts out with voting power that's pretty much worthless. And I understand too that it can be frustrating to see someone with a very high voting power vested into their account where they can make a quick shitpost and self upvote to gain a bunch of money at once.

You're looking at the picture all wrong when you look at it in those terms. Instead think more along the lines of "I am creating content, I enjoyed creating it, and it is great for being great" and "It doesn't matter if very few see it, it doesn't matter if nobody likes it. I like it and that's what's important."

When you get too invested in the money making aspect of Steemit, you end up frustrated. You instead should focus on creating content because you enjoy it, use it as a hobby, not as a side job.

Poetry photo

It doesn't matter if it's seen,
Nor if it's completely obscene,
Your work is your work,
And for that you should be proud.

Don't let the money be your shroud,
Don't let the financial aspect make you a dork,
If you create for the love of it,
You will feel more serene.

Enjoy your work as it's your glory,
Every line you stitch is your story,
Don't get angry nor feel sorry,
Just get your thoughts out there!

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why don't you monetize your wordpress blog?
I monetized my wordpress blog. I guess you should do that, too.:D

Because I'm after monetization? Did you even read my post? =\