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TokenPress has an official forum from and going to do my best to integrate that into the alpha frontend, one of the reasons it's still in early alpha. Integration of Steemit isn't an easy thing, for anyone that has put up a frontend knows all too well.

My forum is solely about art and is an additional place to be able to promote and describe your content. "An Example of Post Promotion." It doesn't matter if you've posted your content on on,,,, or even YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Instagram, Memestagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If it's artistic, you can share it.

Can you share art that is not your own? Yes, so long as you direct link to the original artist's work so people can appreciate the art at the artist's origin of posting. You can even post short films developed by others that you found intriguing, interesting and awe inspiring.

Even before is integrated into my frontend, you can still use it without having to visit the frontend itself. Just another way for you to share your work, talk and critique and with a general chat to shoot the breeze and forum games to make and participate in that so many folks seem to do on forums.

Thanks for taking your time in reading this post and I wish you the best!

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