Are you the creative type?

Regardless if you're a writer, poet, traditional medium artist, digital artist, storyteller, novelist, short story writer, musician, singer, there's a Steemit token and site that you'll surely appreciate. Allow me to say it in verse.

You like to write, draw, sing,
You are an artist with bling,
Whispering your stories for all to tell,
While you fall deeper into the creative pits of Hell.

There's a Token and platform on Steemit for you!
Glistening with it's creative glistening hue,
Talking about CreativeCoin!
So you creative types come on and join!

It's a great place to be for use creative types,
So get on board and get with the hype,
The pickings for your artistic expression is ripe,
So don't waste it elsewhere like it's tripe!

So hop aboard to,
Make your creative post and you will see,
Your artistic expression will blow up,
All your creative ass has to do is show up.

Also hop aboard their discord server, is their link,
Artists rejoice with gloried ferver!
The token is out filling our cups to the brink.

Created by Isaria and Shane,
So we have a proper home on Steemit,
Before our creative work went down the drain,
But CreativeCoin is just the right fit.

horror photo

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I don't know. But, I know staking and curating with #creativecoin worth it. So you got my upvote.

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