What I wrote on my Steem Vacation

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Unable to play Steem monsters I decided to write up a quick thought that has been running around my mind ever since it first showed up there. The only problem is when to post this. If I post the moment the steem wires are all fixed my words may be lost to a barraged of bigger accounts also posting there down time works. On the other hand if I wait until morning I may have the chance of catching the eye(s) of a curator who has not drank enough coffee and votes my post thinking it was written by a far better word smith.

My wife showed me a music video. the band gimmick was to write and preform videos based of serial killers and I believe other violent criminal acts. I don't know who was the focal point of the one video I watched (half a video) but it was extremely violent and filled with gore. Hesitate to even write about the details of the scene where I had enough and stopped the video. so I won't.

She then made a semi snaky comment to me . "You can go back to my safe things now, whatever makes you happy." I let it go without a response. I didn't feel the need to explain to her any further then I have before that I simply an not into all the gore and blood and violence in movies and videos anymore.

Still it annoys me that she had to comment on it in a way that suggests intend to belittle me as opposed to a light hearted joke. (I love to poke fun at her obsession with a certain band) Whether there was truth in her comment or not it dose not matter. It gave me something to write about it. And to be far her style of humor runs on the dry side so I don’t believe she meant any intentional harm…

Years ago I might have been thrilled to watch the video, Hell- I was a certified Marilyn Manson fan for years! Bloody horror movies, series killer book - the whole nine gory yards. But that was then. My tasted has changed and mellowed.

Our favorite holiday also has been (and still is) Halloween. But again I now prefer a milder approach to the spooky holiday. That’s not to say I am against decorating and making our year look like a cross between the adams family and the local Halloween store but I’m now fine with leaving the more realistic props behind.

Maybe this has something to do with all of the reading and studying I have done of late regarding how everything we perceive effects our minds in ways we still do not fully understand. I think part of me, the depressed part, had to rid my life of as much negativity and (evil is not the right word but for the lack of a better one)

And a good deal is that I would rather our son not be exposed to much of these images until he is able to process them better and not filling his head with nightmare fuel.

I guess it show how our interests have split over the years. And there is nothing wrong with that. She is much more in to music and bands and I have found my interests in Buddhism, workouts and writing. (she also writes but not as much anymore)

I am not altogether without a love for spooky. I still love my classics. The Freddys and Jasons and Sleep away camps. I engulf Stephen King books and carve Jack-o-lanters with glee. And, of course, Halloween candy. One of my fondest memories is that my wife us and our friends watching and making fun of low budget horror flicks. Those were good times. I wonder if they still enjoy the gory?

I know it’s all fake. The gore. I get that, still it bothers me now on a level it never did years ago. Does that mean I’m to old? Perish the thought. It’s just who I am now.

“You can go back to your safe things” I wonder if she even spent any time on the trending page prior to #new steem?

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